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Toy Fair Germany got to see the new toys based on the new series, and got an announcement.

The new action figures and Lego looked fantastic. And for us Europeans it was great to got the confirmation that CLONE WARS ANIMATED movie – the first three parts of the new tv-series - will indeed be shown in our theatres in September as well – so not only in England.

The series will have over 100 episodes, and will not be about Anakin Skywalker. There will be an episode just about Kit Fisto, and another with only Storm Troopers. It is not aimed at kids.

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Reasons why this was good- Its made by the same people responsible for the first two 2-D animated Clone Wars series, which were awesome. It wasn't written by George Lucas, which cuts out a lot of the bad dialogue. The animated style allows for some pretty crazy action. The whole thing is just one long series of drawn-out battles, so there is hardly any of the prequel style politics stuff. There is no Jar Jar Binks. Its the precursor to a lot more of the same, which is fine by me.

It was just fine in the end, a *** film. It shows a lot of promise for future installments.

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This whole TV series is a dumb idea. They kind of already did this just in a summarized way with the star wars clone wars 2 volumes a couple years ago. The jedi girl with the white boobs hanging out in front of her head is retarded. she should not be a jedi if she is that immature and scared all the time. she is Max in Batman Beyond. this whole series is idiotic. George Lucas has just ran out of ideas. I do not even count this in Star Wars continuity. Its stupid cause we already know the ending, the main character is going to become evil and kill everyone, but in this series he is still a nice young jedi man. you cant make a kids star wars series because people need to die. Fuck this whole series!

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I actually enjoy the series quite a bit. Certain episodes like "Rookies" and "Cloak of Darkness" really shined. ("Rookies" even had the clones saying "hell." :D )

If you don't like the series, then don't watch it. But honestly, the show is more like the Original Trilogy than the Prequel films are. It's got some WILDLY varying writing quality, but the animation is stunning for a TV series, and it's got some genuinely good stories at times. I actually don't even mind Ahsoka anymore; she's gotten less and less annoying as the series has gone on. I'm looking forward to Season 2.

I've got a Star Wars-dedicated blog up and running with reviews of all the Clone Wars episodes:


However, I HATED AND STILL HATE the movie with a FIERY PASSION. (and not the hot kind. Just the vengeful kind.)

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I would have to concur with James's amusing drawing he has there. I think that this series does most of the things Revenge of the Sith did right, instead of many of the things Attack of the Clones and Phantom Menace did wrong. Certainly there are exceptions like Bombad Jedi, but who knows, if the Phantom Editor could make superior versions of the two prequel films that I watch exclusively over Lucas's Bombad Jedi would mostly stink. :D

Otherwise I still find the series enjoyable overall, even with the reshuffling of CW continuity like Ostrander and Duursema's Republic run with Quinlan Vos and the Kenobi/Skywalker Jedi Knight/Padawan duo storytelling dynamic.

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For me, the series has been very up-and-down. There are some episodes that are incredible, while others are flat-out embarrassing ("The Gungan General" felt like an insult to my intelligence). I gave it about a 60% overall score when I reviewed the first season.

I actually have a lot of sympathy for the show because of the way it's produced. They had already finished nearly all of the first season before feedback on even the first episodes was available. The writing, animation, voice recording, and editing were all done at very different times, so by the time they might have realized that certain aspects of the show weren't working as well, it was too late. For that reason, I can excuse a bit of low quality on the first season. The final episode of the first season is technically the first production episode of the second season, and it's much better-made than most of season 1. Hopefully that's a good sign of things to come.

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