Comic Reel-lief: The Problem with Youth


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Like comics, action films are marketed heavily at young people and it makes sense that any comic book movie is made as accessible to its audience as possible to reap the maximum profit. However, pitching a film as an OC clone in tights is a horrible idea. I can thank the WGA strike for helping to put the proposed JLA film on ice, but there are so many reasons why films created with the sole intention of appealing to teenagers are often dead in the water.

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Honestly, this is probably my least favourite article of mine, if only because I was going to tear the JLA film a new arsehole and then the production status really screwed that over! I'm glad I pinned down my Alba thoughts though - I've got a more general look at the role of women in CBMs to come, but I tempted to save it until after this summer's crop of films.

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