Ultra Magnus Has A Question For You...

Morphine Jim

Do You Like Ultra Magnus?  

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Ultra Magnus Has A Question For You


"I am Ultra Magnus, Oh Autobot Leader On Earth, Do You Not Like Me?"


"Optimus Prime Liked Me, And Everyone Liked Optimus Prime. Therefore You Must All Like Me. Right? Right?"

"Would You Like Me On An Amstrad, Or Amstrad-esque Home Entertainment System?"


"I Am Sure You Would Like Me If I Was Toys For You. Toys For The People You Like Are Gifts From The Heart. Oh Should You Like Me?"

"Oh, shan't you like your Ultra Magnus? I Was Given The Autobot Matrix Of Leadership... And Lost It. But I Got It Back... Well.... Somebody Did. But I Was There.... Somewhere".


"I Do Declare That You Fucking Suck, Ultra Fagness"

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