My Day at Fan Expo Canada


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Yesterday, I spent my first day ever at a comic book (/horror/gameing/anime/sci-fi) convention! I found out on about Tuesday that my Dad was going to take me. So Friday morning we left and on the four hour drive I listened to the The Show about Batman ’66 and took a nap. Listening to that in the car with my dad caused some odd looks and ‘can’t you be quitter’s but when we stopped in to stores like Canadian Tire, 7-11, Blockbuster, and eventually a mall on the way there I could not hold my tongue and was getting far more weirded out looks. :blush:

When we arrived at the hotel we put our junk in (a really nice one where every room had a Kitchenette) and left for the drive in for something to do for the night. We saw The Dark Knight (for my forth time) which is still incrdibliy enjoable with a 1996 Looney Tunes short ‘Superior Duck’ with a cameo from Superman himself. We left before ‘Death Race’ started because we were tired and it was frickin’ ‘Death Race’.

The next morning we left about 8 and got there about 9:10 AM. I meet some geeks (I say that knowing I am one too and lovingly) behind me a few of which were quite good looking. We talked for about an hour as we waited to be let in. when we were I was overwhelmed. It was just how I thought it would look but messier. I thought there would be straighter lines of vendors but they were all over the place. It was awesome! In between asking every vendor if they had a copy of ‘Mad Love’ I looked at other things from really cool old Disney and Archie Comics (which I regret not buying) to dirt cheap Jimmy Olsen’s that were cheap because somebody drew on the cover (mustaches, devil horns ect). I ended up buying Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography ($1), Thrillkiller: Batgirl & Robin: 1, 2, and 3 Complete Set ($8 ), The Official Comic Adaptation: Batman & Superman Adventures: World's Finest (which I don’t remember how much I paid for) and Teen Titans (Vol. 2) #12, #13, #14, #15: 'Then & Now' Complete Set ($8 ). There were people handing things out like 'Chuck' branded pocket protectors free from WB or a comic I never heard of called ‘Looking For Group’ #2.

As we wondered we came across Brian Bolland selling sketches. He was not busy but we had seen the price of other people and I sheepishly asked that when his autograph session was how much was it? He said ‘Oh. It’s free. Of course you do need to line up and all that nonsense but it is free.’. I happily thanked him and walked away then grabbed some pizza. After that my dad allowed me to get photo of Henry Winkler which he singed (Rosenbaum or Vandervoort's were out of the question with his money and apparently I spent to much his later for him to agree to a lending of money when I was near out) I asked Mr. Winkler if he thought Out of Practice would ever reach DVD and he seemed to have a disappointed sigh saying ‘I donno, but I loved it.’. We thanked him for the autograph and my dad (a town counsel member) thanked him for doing some public speaking near our town two days prior (despite not being there due to meetings). Henry seemed to have a surprised yet delighted ‘Oh! My pleaser.’ as we walked off.

I did more shopping buying Green Arrow: Quiver ($ forgot this too), Watchmen ($15), Batman: Year One (Around $11.50), Green Arrow #35 ($1), Nightwing Annual #2 ($4), Spider-Man & The Black Cat: Evil That Men Do Hardcover (which was to be $18 but since every body ELSE was doing ____ % off the US price he said just gimme $15), and Superman: Lex 2000 ($1). My dad told me to run to the autograph tables since Brian Bolland’s line just opened. This was an hour and a half before be was to sign but I went anyway meeting a group of five people ahead of me who entertained me and talked which made the whole time fly by. While in line we saw a Indy, a Superman and his twin brother who seemed to be trying to be Aquaman but a Dory Purse, a shiny Green Speedo and Spock ears does not a Aquaman make. There was a Meg Griffin, a Princess Leia, a movie style Logan and best of all a really hot couple as Spider-Man and The Black Cat. The Spider-man suit looked purchased and movie style (and I know HE was cute because he would take off the mask every so often), but the Black Cat looked like she jumped right outta my comic White wig, skin tight-ness, side-boobs and all. :wub: Those costumes were so professional that there were A LOT more than normal of people asking for THERE pics or ones with them. Brian was 12 minutes late but he was so nice that it did not matter in the least. I shook his hand and gushed over his recolor job, I’m sure he’s heard it all before but he seemed flattered. He signed my Killing Joke 20th and my program (which was using the Killing Joke cover as it’s own one). Somehow my dad was conned into taking a few comics up to him from some jackass collector who had like 75 with him. I would have said ‘screw you’ but my dad did it anyway. That happening I waited for him while looking though the closest box of comics. I only had two dollars in cash on me but after the whole day of asking people and getting no’s, what’s and ‘even a yeha we have it—oh wait I sold that’ I finally found a copy of Mad Love. I asked the man to hold it for me and when my day was finished I ran to him for money to get the book he gave me what I needed and I now am the proud owner of Mad Love paying OLNY FOUR BUCKS! :shocked: Either the guy did not know how much other people sell it for or there’s something I haven’t found wrong with it but right then I was happy as a clam. :happy:

After that we went to the Smallville Panel with Michael Rosenbaum and Laura Vandervoort. They talked about a short film where Michael fucks a blow up sheep, that Laura is back for at least one more episode nest season, Tom Welling drawing pictures in Rosenbaum’s scrpit for the episode he dirceted and awkwardly trying to read it next to an old man on a plane, Tom dricting Laura’s first on screen shot (and how he went one, two, *shoots the presher gun* to get a better recartion), and a prank that Tom pulled saying that in that episode where Lex is in the White House in an alternaite reality he should have hair. They gave him a bald cap with ‘Dick Cheney’ type hair saying ‘You’ve been wanting hair for seven years! Here’s hair!’ . He was flabbergasted saying ‘wha- - I didn’t approve this! Where were the other options? The OTHER wigs?’. He later found out it was a gag and did not have to wear it in the show but ‘[he] looked like Chevy Chase’. After they finished the Q&A they talked about Laura’s medical problems as a three week old and announced that her appearance fee would go to the hospital that saved her life weeks after she was born there as would the items they would auction off. They sold action figures, lithographs, Pictures, scripts, and Tom Welling/Clark Kent’s Jacket. Ironically the ‘Naked Spock’ as Michael called him (the ‘Aquaman’ from before bought Laura’s long sleeve Tee shirt from the set). We had to leave before the Auction was done (as apparently did the stars who needed to run to there autograph booths) because we needed to go to Henry Winkler’s Q&A. We ran up to it and although WE were late so was he. We waited another six minutes or so and before entered. During our waiting time he said something that shocked me. Even though he was poo-pooing Rosenbaum all day and me for wanting to meet him, my dad said how much fun that turned out to be and how funny they were. :huh:

Anyway, Winkler entered and started out too motivational for my tastes but raised some good points with some nice laughs. I imagine this is much like what he told the board of people in Windsor two days prior as the opening did talk about school and his dyslexia. When he started the actually Q&A part things got interesting. He talked about how there will be a Arrested Development movie if things work out with Fox Searchlight and that he will be on a new animated series from the same team to be aired on Fox. He said that Adam Sandler is a genius who sweats over every detail in his films. He said he can’t sing very well but was just offered to take over the role of King Arthur in Monty Python’s Spamalot. He called Shelly Long a bitch but nobody was sure if he was serious or not because of the tone. I, myself think he was kidding but has that feeling of that old every joke is based in reality or whatever it is. He also said that the origin of ‘Ayyy!’ is when you go to New York one very popular phrase is ‘Fuckin’ A’ to which they only kept the second part. :laugh:

After that we decided to go. I was sad not to see the masquerade contest but I was slightly jealous of THOUSE geeks anyway as I was unconsumed but that was my day it was incredibly awesome. You meet so many nice people, get cool stuff and just have a great time. Also on the way back I listened to the Batman review again and slept. :happy:

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