Multitap: Favorite Sega Genesis Games


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In Multitap, an innovative new collaboration that explores the rich history of video games, we'll bring you all the bashful glee that you had as a child, hooking up that first RF adaptor. And what better place for us to start than with a system very near and dear to our hearts: the Sega Genesis.

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Thanks to this article, I'm currently on the look out for Sega Genesis Collection, if only to play Phantasy Star IV.

It also has parts 2 and 3, and I think the first three Sonic games. The whole package is an absurdly good deal.

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Kellen, how can it be a single game when it requires two games to play it?

That's like saying Voltron is one toy, but he's really five toys combined into a bigger figure. Same thing here.

Both parts are sorta considered half a game. You need them combined to get the whole experience. It's kinda like nowadays when you'll buy a game and you need to DLC the best levels.

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Yeah, I can understand why people would want S3&K on the list. But it really was two separate games. I think the first thought that popped into my head when I finished Sonic 3 was “that’s it?”. It wasn’t until I bought Sonic and Knuckles much later that everything made sense to me.

I had fun with this, and I’d totally be up with doing another one with D.W in the future.

Oh and Yoda, this release might interest you a bit. It's a little more expansive than the existing collections.

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