Hardest Street Fighter boss


Who was the hardest boss?  

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Pretty simple question.

I'm Torn between Shin Bison, because of his super psycho crusher that takes up the entire screen in SF A3, plus S. Bison could clone himself in SF EX3 and you would have 3 guys to fight, and Gill. In the end I have to give the nod to Gill as his reach is equal if not more than Sagat's, he is powerful and quick, and he is the only fighter in SF3 that can use more than one super art in a match. PLus he also has the cheapest move, EVER. If you defeat him, and he has a full super guage, he resurrects himself. So you have to fight him twice with only one life bar in a single round.

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I'm going to have to say Shin Bison, because he just pissed me off... Alot...

His super psycho crusher where he would dissapear and then fly by destroying the whole screen hitting you no matter where you were in Alpha 3 use to piss me off so much, but then I fought Gill. With his super art that hits the whole screen and his abilty to reverse your last hit that kills him into a super that revives all his life, he ended up pissing me off more.

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Shin Bison because of that massive, entire screen, 80% damage (20% when it's blocked) Super Phycho Crusher. It was the first time I ever really changed my strategy for a boss. You never leave the ground if he's ANYWHERE near a full bar

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