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After the last time I watched The Dark Knight, I thought about Alfred telling Bruce about working for the government in Burma and his hunt for the bandit. In the BTAS episode "The Lion and the Unicorn" with Red Claw, Alfred is revealed to have worked for the British Government. And I know in the comics Alfred has military medical training. I got to thinking that there are so many untold stories about Alfred Pennyworth, one of, if not the most influential man in Batman's life. My question to everyone out there is: what are your thoughts on a film focusing on Alfred's life before the Waynes and Batman? It could be told in the present time of Batman operating in Gotham, and Alfred reminiscing through flashbacks or I think even better would just be about Alfred's own history about wars he had fought in, government work, or just some crazy adventures that he experienced and then could later use them as the perfect anecdotes for advising Batman when he wasn't quite sure what to do in his own crusades.

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