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Of these six...?  

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How this works:

01. This is Part One of a three-part poll.

02. Listed above are six of his twelve films.

03. Of these six, choose the best one. (Do not null vote because your favorite isn't on here. Choose one.)

04. Next week I will list the reaming six for Part Two.

05. Two weeks from now the winning films from each poll will be pitted against one another in the third and final poll to determine the best Tim Burton film.


01. These were randomly drawn.

02. All polls will remain open for seven days.

03. In the event of a tie in either parts One or Two, a one day/24 hour poll will be opened to determine who's heading into the finals.

04. Even though he did not direct The Nightmare Before Christmas or James and the Giant Peach, they have been included.

05. Only features were included, hence the absence of Frankenweenie.

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I voted for The Nightmare Before Christmas, because not only is it an awesome movie, with an awesome score, and an awesome overall performance from the whole cast, the movie also is (was?) the highest grossing film of it's kind(stop motion), ever. A seriously awesome addition to any movie library.

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Yoda, never put Nightmare Before Christmas in the same preliminary poll as Ed Wood. I  HATE YOU! :grumble:

Just the luck of the draw, my friend. (I'm going to go nuts choosing between Pee-Wee and Edward in the next round.)

Oh, and for this round I'm going to have to go with... hmmm... Big Fish I think. Yeah. Big Fish. It has a unique charm and the father/son story has really stuck with me.

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