The King and I: First and Last, Thrice Over


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It's no surprise that his triumphant return to Marvel Comics the next year gave him the creative clout he'd always wanted on books like Captain America, The Eternals and Devil Dinosaur. But there are little lost nuggets of greatness that suffered from the creative boom of the 70s, and, in some way, led to the crash that was to come. The crash nearly ruined DC and caused the cancellation of both Mister Miracle and Kamandi. But thanks to eBay and DC's huge print runs of the period, many of these undiscovered gems can still be bought for reasonable prices.

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It's like seeing a really hot girl jog by, and then being run over by a tank made of boobs.

Awesome, as was the rest, Desrick.

Thanks Dubs! Thinking about that line now, I have to say it must have subconsciously been influenced by Neill Kumpsten's "shotgun full of blowjobs."

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Forgot to mention that I'll take requests for stuff at this point.

Let me know about legacy things too. In the docket I've got the Jenkins/Lee Inhumans and the Stan Lee/Moebius Silver Surfer.

Other stuff on the docket:

-The Demon


-Boy Commandos

-Marvel Romance

-Black Magic

-Pre-Marvel Atlas Monsters


I want to hit some indie and some Marvel up before doing any more DC.

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