Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith w/ SPOILERS


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Spoilers will not faze me.  But if they're posted, prepare to feel Mod!Wrath!

SPOILERS are okay in this SWIII thread. Not the other one.

I was talking more in terms of, "If I'm the first to them, consider your ass done." Because I'm a bastard that would take my anger out on that person repeatedly.

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Quoted below are five rumors that were discussed on The Screen Savers this past Friday and have been floating around


Palpatine vs. Yoda: Will Yoda and Palpatine will fight each other in an epic force duel? Whether it's true or not, this battle would be an ultimate Star Wars fantasy, in many fans' eyes.

I seriously doubt this one. Unless Anakin (or someone else) were to interfere, one of the two would have to die. And we know that ain't happenin.

Young Tarkin: Is there more to this general than shown in A New Hope? From exclusive images to insider's scoops, we have seen a trend that this true and that we will see a young Tarkin by Palpatine's side.

Wrong. Tarkin might be present, but he'll have to be in his 40s. He's an old man in Episode IV and there's only 18 years between III and IV.

Dooku dying on Dagobah: Remember that dark-force cave in Empire Strikes Back on Dagobah? People believe that Count Dooku dies in that cave, therefore that is why the cave emits such a dark-side aura. A good idea but doubtful -- it’s better left as a mystery.

Though I've heard that Yoda and Dooku will not have a rematch, this makes the most sense and could explain why Vader doesn't ever mention Yoda in IV-VI. Maybe, and this is just a thought, he assumes Dooku and Yoda killed each other on the swamp planet, but never bothered to check.

Who is Sifo-Dyas?: Well it's been talked about since it was first heard about in Attack of the Clones. We know that George Lucas' first drafts of AOTC had the name Sido-Dias instead of Sifo-Dyas. But does that actually mean Sifo-Dyas = Sidious? And why did Jango say that he was asked by Darth Tyrannus? Many questions lay ahead for Revenge of the Sith to resolve.


Boba-Fett in the suit: Well this rumor started off with the images of the actor dressing up as Boba in his suit. Numerous times, George and Rick have said that Boba will not reappear. Jeremy Bulloch, the actor in the suit in ESB and ROTJ has been recognized in an unmasked part of Episode III, but nothing has been said about him being in the suit again. So this is most likely a baseless rumor unless new scenes emerge.

Boba would hardly be older than 15 (I think) during the time of Episode III, so I doubt this one.

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I'm actually really interested in the 'who commissioned the clones' thread. It'll probably be quite obvious, but hey, it's sufficiently mysterious enough for me.

I think it's a wise idea to have Tarkin in the movie in some way, shape or form. He was a pretty important character in Ep IV, but that's all. He could use a bit of depth.

What are we at, 7 months to go now?

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