Dawn of the Geeks, part seven


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I think George Lucas implanted a subliminal indoctrination track into the trench run of A New Hope, it would explain a lot.

Cool stuff MDS, its nice to know you were bred from a young age to be the supreme geek, just like that Zander guy was bred to be the supreme leader of Kobra.

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I had to print all of these out from the library and read them at the new house, so I'm not going to bump every thread here to feedback.

To everyone that did these, great job. I love how no two pieces were the same and we all got where we are now in so many different ways.

It really doesn't feel like five years. Granted, I was only here for about three of them.

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There's something weird about having one of these columns starting from inside the womb. That said, this was the most interesting of the lot if just because it shows how our glorious leader became what he is today and what caused Earth-2 to come about. Great stuff, boss!

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