2009 Summer Blockbuster Predictions


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Put your predictions on what the top 5 movies of the summer will be.


1. Transformers 2

2. Terminator: Salvation

3. Up

4. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

5. Star Trek

I think G.I. Joe could be a sleeper and make the list. Harry Potter has only G.I. Joe coming after it to slow it down, so I'm betting Joe does better than expected and keeps it from being higher on the list. Up is only there because it's a Pixar movie, and really doubt it will be as good as past movies. Star Trek is a hard one to figure out, but I'm betting it's this years Iron Man.

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This is going to be the worst box office numbers for a summer in years. Right now Star Trek is the number one movie with 230 million. Last year the top 3 movies were all above 300 million, and in 2007 the top 4 were all above 300 million.

There are only 2 blockbusters left for the summer and if what I'm hearing about GI Joe's test screenings are true that movie is going to flop.

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How big is Public Enemies supposed to be? It has got Depp and Bale in it.

Doesn't have the feel of a summer movie though, you know? Probably the most interesting one of the lot, if you ask me. I can't wait to see it. Been a while since there was a good Dillinger film.

Regardless, it's Michael Mann so it deserves a watch.

That was a crazy weekend for a rated R comedy beating a Pixar movie.


I like to see a well made comedy defeat any cookie cutter Pixar film. I can't wait to see Hangover! It'll unfortunately have to be on DVD unless it comes to my town (ie: DVD)

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