Wolverine 2

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Hugh Jackman and Seed Productions partner John Palermo are ramping up several projects for the "Wolverine" star.

Fox and Seed are in development on a sequel to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," which topped the domestic box office over the weekend.

The Seed partners have begun planning the sequel, which they are squarely focusing on the samurai storyline originated in the comic series, and whose Japanese locale was teased after the film's final credits. A writer has yet to be hired. Seed will produce.


I've always hated the samurai stories in the comics. They make no sense. Why would a guy who can heal from anything and has blades attached to his arms carry around a sword?

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I really like Wolverine. The times when he's on a team or his solo adventures where isn't depicted as an unstoppable killing machine are usually good, in fact I've absolutely no problem with him being a Marvel mainstay on the level of Spidey, Iron Man and Hulk. Stories by Mark Millar and Jason Aaron have highlighted the strengths of the character, he's got a great origin, a unique personality and a damn cool set of abilities.

Plus I always liked the idea that he was a throwaway character that came good. Spidey, Hulk, The X-men, these were concepts in their own right. Wolverine was a throwaway opponent for The Hulk one issue and then get put in the new iteration of the X-men, where Claremont and Cockrum tried to ditch him before John Byrne protested.

He is currently spread too thin, which has lead to the current distaste. Instead of having Wolverine, Wolverine Origins and Wolverine Weapon X what they should do it what they did with Spider-man, consolidate the books in to one that has three issues a month but readily admit that the transition from one storyline to another is not linear. Have entire runs of stories ready to go and get them out in two months or less. This would mean that much of the time the actual Wolverine book would be telling stories of the past, making his current presence on the Avengers, X-force and X-men far more credible (although one of those needs to go, preferably the X-men since X-force covers his involvement there. Mentally fans can't keep 6 different ongoing storylines with the guy in straight, its too much. Reduce it to three and only drop him from the one book which is where he has the least impact anyway.

I can only hope that the next film is taken on by a guy who belongs behind the camera of a serious hollywood action film.

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I want Deadpool. Not another Wolverine movie.

Well Wolverine is more recognizable so we'll get that one first.

I'm getting a little bored with Marvel movie news.

Let's set it in Japan, with another cavalcade of mutant cameos instead of a story, yay!

I'd rather watch, you know, good movies.

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