God of War 3


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This is the first time I've wanted a PS3.

Have you seen/played Uncharted: Drake's Fortune? That game (and its upcoming sequel) are the closest things to a perfect Indiana Jones game ever made. Dialogue, visuals, story, etc. In my mind, Uncharted>God of War. But that may be personal preference.

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I'm still irked by the ending to part II.

In order to see how this ends, you have to spend $600 on a PS3 and buy the GOW 3. Lame.

It's definitely a marketing ploy by Sony, but with so many people complaining that the system doesn't have a marquee title, why wouldn't they do it this way?

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Wasn't it $600 when it was released? That's what I was referring to.

I could have been more clear.

It's still lame. :laugh:

I mean, the PS3 needs an "exclusive" game that will make people want that system, but it could have been done differently.

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