DCAU Justice Lords/League Drawings


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Yeah, I pretty much realized that this morning after seeing his outfit in an episode of Justice League. I thought to myself, "Oh crap. My J'onn doesn't have any pants, does he?" =D Ah, well.

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Love the new set even more! The Booster Gold, Warhawk, Question and Hawkman are my favorites.

Ava, how big are these, and will you do commissions?

Yeah those are actually some of my favorites, too. (Though I think my number one favorite is Zatanna. She's awesome.)

These are all actually about 2 - 2.5 inches tall each (except Clayface and Lobo).

And I would love to do commissions but I don't really know if I can because I'm 16 and I don't know how cool my parents would be about me getting art commissions from random guys who I met on the internet. They might think you're a mad axe murderer or something. Though I could tell them that you host a bunch of podcasts and an entire website, and are therefore unlikely to have time to pursue a mad axe murdering career. That might put a rest to their fears.

Of course, that was all purely hypothetical because I haven't actually asked my parents yet. So if you want I can ask them and then get back to you. =)

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Mongeese are pretty tough. I read a story once where a mongoose took down a cobra. It was intense. The illustration for the book showed blood down the mongoose's fangs and everything.

So if you want a commission and you're willing to fight a mongoose for it, private message me, I guess. Is that right? I've never done commissions before. But I have a whole summer break to learn! Ah, sweet summer. (Even the 6 books I have to read for history will not destroy my first week of vacation.)

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