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I'm surprised this hasn't been picked up yet

So, there was no textual sequel and history would dictate that Leonidas and company definitively died at the Battle of Thermopolye.

And yet, a Warner Bros. press junket sees Zack Snyder talking about Frank Miller writing a sequel to 300 over 10 years later, now that it has become incredibly successful and integrated within popular/geek culture. I find it hard to respect any of the people I've just bolded for that one sentence.

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I can see it now: Call it 600. They have to fight a billion Persians, who are riding atop of unicorns, that are riding atop of dragons, that are riding atop of flying whales, in... uh...


Now they just have to get Michael Bay to co-direct then *bam* first X rated movie to gross a billion dollars.

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