Justice Babies Episode 2...


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Episode 2 of "The Justice Babies" is now here! This one was written by my sister, my brother, and me.




More to come, including more Bruce/Clark angst, love, jealousy, and (eventually) something that has never been done before (I don't think so, anyway)


A Justice Babies/Harry Potter crossover!

Because we're just that cool.

Any thoughts?

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Hmm... I've long wanted a cartoon for the site.

I've always wanted to do a Comic about the misadventures of you and the other moderators, But I never got around to it.

Problem is, I'm not sure of the legalities of running a strip that uses DC-owned characters.

Maybe try contacting DC?

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HA! I just noticed that Superman is wearing shorts. Nice touch!

I refused to draw any of them wearing spandex and underwear. I tried, but it was so awkward. It felt...weird.

EDIT: Also, crap. I forgot to give Clark his classic butt chin in this one. Dammit.

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