Episode 16


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Concluding the two-part Summer of Dalton, Ian, Adham, and Richard take a look at Timothy Dalton's untimely final 007 outing, Licence to Kill. Featuring an incredible amount of listener-generated feedback and a tribute to all those that wouldn't quite make it into the Bond films of the 90s, this episode also boasts Richard's worries of Bond's sexual health, Ian's reminiscence of Quarrel in comparison to Sharkey, and Adham rehashing the podcast's best moment of 2008 for the film's title theme. [ 3:28:03 || 95.2 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/foryourearsonly/episodes/foryourearsonly_016.mp3

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I'm surprised there wasn't a Sharkey Death Watch from the moment Bond recruits him at the hospital.

I found it hard to get as emotionally invested in Sharkey as I was with Quarrell, considering Sharkey's a less interesting version of Quarrell. Hence no countdown.

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Awesome show as always.

I was also very satisfied with the answers you guys provided with my question. Especially Richard's answer. I didn't really know how you guys would respond, but his idea of Moore's acting of Bond being fitted to better suit him beign a reason he's not essentially seen as THE James Bond in many people's eyes was an excellent response.

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I am listening now, as usual its a really great show. Just to put Adham's mind at rest I will return to the email section gain at some point in the near future, but you seem to be getting more than a little response in that regard these days so I don't consider my contribution as vital as it once was. But fear not, Ernst Stavros Blofeld will return!

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Don't worry Ian, I laughed at your winter of discontent line.

Thank you sir!

Mental note: replace Adham with Stavros as co-host.

Helps if it's your favourite Shakespeare speech.

And I just finished the show. That was definitely a long one. Awesome fun though, Licence to Kill was for a long time my favourite Bond film, it was the one that I always sat down and watched when it was on TV, which was often back in the 90's. Its probably still top 3, Bond killing Sanchez with that lighter is still one of the coolest villain deaths ever. Unlike many Bond deaths its fair realistic, plus its extra brutal and pretty damn smooth on Bond's part. The boat escape exceeds even the underwater action of Thunderball, and as Adham said the final chase is one of the best closing action scenes in Bond history. On top of that Pam Bouvier is probably the first woman I can recall looking at in a less than innocent way, although only after she got the haircut.


Mmm. She's like a cross between Terry Farrell and Nicole De Boer...

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In answer to Adham's challenge to point out where in the context of the show that he has ever used the phrase `shoot his load`, I should like to provide the following reference: see Episode 12 at 22:45 minutes into the recording, and you should hear Adham's description of the pre-credits sequence to For Your Eyes Only, during which he uses the phrase "Moore comes on and shoots his load" to refer to the gunbarrel scene. Yes, I took it somewhat out of context when using it in my e-mail, but please rest assured that I was merely referring to the gunbarrel scene and not anything more lurid (unlike a certain podcaster, whose dirty musings have become a reliable feature of this show ;-)

Stay cool, guys...

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