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Eisner Award-winning “Tiny Titans” creators Art Baltazar and Franco will be contributing to a series in DCU proper.

“Ambush Bug” #6 by Keith Giffen, Robert Loren Fleming and Al Milgrom is never coming out “due to circumstances out of their control,” but the miniseries will conclude with #7 and will “be out in about a month.”

J. Michael Straczynski is writing “a lot at DC right now, you just don’t know about it.”

Writer Paul Dini and artist Stéphane Roux are collaborating on a “Zatanna” ongoing series.

Len Wein is also working on a yet-to-be announced project for DC.

There are “big stories” coming featuring the Marvel Family, specifically what happened to Billy Batson and Mary Marvel following the ‘Rock of Eternity’ storyline in “Justice Society of America.”

The recently announced “Batman Beyond” project will be a six-issue miniseries.

Connor Hawke will be heavily featured in the near future, and Green Arrow is the superhero to watch in 2010.

They're also considering renumbering Wonder Woman to #600.

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Hey! I was at that Panel! I recall laughing alot and getting excited for Zatanna ongoing, confused about Dan DiDio 's explanation of Ambush Bug, disappointed that he would only reveal that the BB series will be 6 issues and not a team or something and letting out an embarrassing cry of YES! to hear Dan say to watch GA in the coming year. Lots of fun, epically for a panel I almost did not go to.


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It was a great panel. He is a pretty cool dude, when i was waiting in line for the sunday conversation i saw Dan chatting with someone dressed up as Impulse. I was glad to hear that he still reads Marvel, i'm not a big fan of people who are exclusive to one company and bad mouth the other , i like marvel and dc, coke and pepsi, star wars and star trek which reminds me i was a bit bummed out that i didn't see any klingons at the fan expo.

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