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As I told DW via e-mail, if his review of Batman & Robin #5 doesn't win an Mainpage Award, it will be a crime!

I agree, that was fucking awesome.

My only disagreement is that, theirs a page where Damian looks like an old Japanese woman, and Dick looks like a 30 year old Chinese guy.

I know its not part of the forums, but Mike, can you make Dubs IIWY review post of the day?

I really hated that issue, and I hated it so much, it's really making me question reading the book, ever, it was that bad.

You are right, Morrison writes for himself, and then if someone else enjoys it, yay. But the flip of that is, that if the person writes what they'd like to see, it does come through in the writing.

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Though I heavily praise Morrison's work on All-Star Superman, really like what I've read of Batman & Robin (that being the first three issues), adore WE3, and think Aztek was great, I'm on the fence with Morrison. Something about most of his work rubs me the wrong way. Hell, maybe it isn't the man or the work, but fan reaction to him and his writing.

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When Morrison does work that appeals to the mainstream (All Star Superman, JLA), people love it. When Morrison does something outside of the mainstream, people love it or they hate it.

When that work is meant to appeal to the mainstream and most people are lost(The end of R.I.P and Final Crisis) that's when he can get annoying.

But, I'm with Mike I really liked All Star Superman, and batman and Robin 1-3. I also really liked his first two storys in Batman that are part of batman and son.

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As a Morrison enthusiast... I'm not digging this arc. I don't like his characterization of Jason Todd, he's just annoying. The art is AWFUL.

But making fun of Frank Quitely's art is an unforgivable sin, and I hope your soul has a good time in the "people who don't like Frank Quitely's art" section of hell.

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