Episode 25


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More bases come under siege as killer seaweed attacks a gas pipeline ("Fury from the Deep"), and the Cybermen menace a space station ("The Wheel in Space"). Also, the departure of Victoria, the joining of Zoe, and The Master's regeneration cycle are discussed. [ 56:51 || 26.1 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_025.mp3

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Another enjoyable podcast.

Fury from the deep is a really enjoyable book (one of the best of the TV novelisations)...I find the tv story quite atmospheric and creepy. It's amusing that they use Victoria's scream to destroy the enemy...it was a deliberate reference to how much she'd screamed throughout her run (the actress was nicknamed "leather lungs"), in the original script the weed was destroyed by the sound of Jamie playing the bagpipes!!

Oh..and get used to the foam. The BBC must have bought a new foam machine because it's not the last time we'll see it used in the Troughton era.

Regarding The Wheel in Space, the Dalek appearance at the end was actually put in as a lead in to a repeat run of "The Evil of the Daleks". It shows how rare repeats were at this point (the only previous for Doctor Who was the first episode which was reshown a week after the first broadcast) that a repeat of a story was actually written into the show.

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Regarding the foam, is it the same seaweed / foam creature, or is it some other foam-based enemy?

No, we never see the seaweed creature again. I don't want to give anything away....all I'll say is it's not the primary enemy of the story, but it's a tool/weapon used by the aliens in the story. But it still looks like soap suds :-)

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Was hoping for the poll but oh well. I vote for Dodo being less useful than Victoria, mainly because at least in Victoria's last appearance, she did something, if at least making the screaming useful. Dodo shows up with barely any explanation and then just disappears with little explanation and I can barely remember her doing much in the meanwhile.

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Around these parts, we prefer the word "geek." :D

Now now Mike, that's how people used to speak back in the day....

I was a bit distracted when you were mentioning the specials, but an actor in them has confirmed that the UK air dates are Christmas day and New Year's day for each part of the last story. When I've been online this weekend, I've been watching the comic-con trailer for that story and it's been making me pre-emptively giddy!

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Just realised that the next edition will be the first since way back in April (number 11, The Chase and The Time Meddler) which has no missing episodes. Both the Dominators and the Mind Robber are complete.

In Fact I think I'm right that there's only one more reconstruction for you to watch (there are only 2 stories in Season 6 missing episodes, but I presume for the other one you'll be watching the BBC DVD release which has a different way to cover the missing episodes). Mind you, the story which is reconstructed is "The Space Pirates" and i can't wait to hear your views on that one (if you thought the Underwater Menace was bad....lol)

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