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Showcase will be a series of short-films. The first one announced is to be based on Jonah Hex. It is unknown as to how these shorts will be released.


Beginning in 2010, DC Comics characters will be bursting onto the screen in their own animated shorts, slated to appear home video (and possibly broadcast television). Keep an eye on this thread for the latest DC Universe Animated Shorts project updates!


DC Comics proved Internet rumors of a "Jonah Hex" animated short film to be well founded during their "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" panel on Friday at Comic-Con. The publisher's resident ugly cowboy already has a heightened profile this year due to Jimmy Hayward's upcoming feature film starring Josh Brolin and Megan Fox, and it appears that Hex's expanded spotlight was enough to earn him slot among Warner Home Video's newly announced -- but still secret -- lineup of animated projects.

Warner Premiere, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Home Video and DC Comics are in fact preparing new animated shorts, DC Comics Senior Vice President of Creative Affairs Gregory Noveck said at the panel. He explained that while DC and Warner Bros. were not ready to reveal further details, he could confirm "Jonah Hex" as being among a series of animated shorts being produced and that Joe R. Lansdale would be writing it.

The "DC Showcase" animated shorts will be a new offering from the same groups responsible for "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies," as well as "Green Lantern: First Flight," which premiered at Comic-Con over the weekend. The revelation begs the question of just how a the new series of shorts will be distributed with the quicker runtime than their predecessors, as well as how long that runtime will be and which other DC properties will be thrown into the mix.

Hex has appeared previously in "Batman: The Animated Series," "Justice League Unlimited" and "Batman: The Brave and the Bold," but this will be his first cartoon solo outing.


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Warner Brothers Animation producer reveals the latest character slatted to star in his own animated short is the fan favorite archer, Green Arrow.

Comics Continuum's Kate Jewell recently interviewed Warner Brothers Animation supervising producer Alan Burnett where they discussed the reasons behind DC's push to feature a wide array of characters in the animated medium. He also disclosed a few bits of info regarding future projects in the DC animated universe:

"We decided to do the [DC showcase] shorts because we were tired of talking, as bonus material, and people have seen up talk about how we make these things forever so we feel like why don't we do another animated cartoon. Why don't we feature secondary DC characters who haven't' gotten their own long form cartoon yet. So that's how the showcase idea started."

"Three of them will be 10 minutes long and another one will be 22 minutes long. The Spectre, Jonah Hex and Green Arrow and the other one. . . we'll save for later."


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