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As for overtly weird, I couldn't go out with someone who roleplays. This might be a tad hypocritical as I've done it for many years over at The Oratory, but I think there's a line between online RP-ing and going out in broad daylight, dressing up as a wizard. An ex-girlfriend of mine joined the university role playing society after we broke up, so that drew a line under things there. She also collected horror B-movies and considered herself a part-time goth, so it was never really going to work out.

Now you see, with the exception of the dressing up like a wizard thing and the having female genitalia thing, that describes the kind of person I could get into. British, goth, likes bad movies, and someone I could play D&D with.

And I'm fine with the lady bits. Gimme her number.

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The same goes for women using tanning salons or fake tan - I don't get the mentality.


I hate women with fake tans. It might just be because I have a thing for paler-skinned European types, but seriously. I mean, when you have skin that's tanned so dark that it looks like you literally just rolled around inside an oven, something's very wrong with your self-image.

Yeah, excessive fakery is not attractive. The bottled blond thing that goes with it only works on rare occasions, most of the time it just looks daft. I don't get why blonde is such a popular fake colour, by and large natural hair is far better in my book. That goes for the weird reddish tint thing too, I just don't get it. Not saying the person with it can't be attractive, but it really adds nothing, just like a fake orange skin tone.

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I gotta side with Meatloaf on this one..... 'Two out of three ain't bad'.

Seriously, don't go in to a relationship with prejudices about things that are deal breakers, because then your being negative from the outset. I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 1 year and not a day, not a day goes by that I don't think of ways I could have been more accepting and open minded. Just saying that in hindsight, when you have someone amazing in your life, the things that you thought were important, might not be that important. I'm not saying change who you are, but just be honest with them about your passions, likes and ask them to do the same, with an open mind and no judgments.

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