BESCG Round 3-Fight 1

Fat DJ

Who wins?  

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Alright, Hal is at full power here. He's fresh off of murdering the Green Lantern corps, and is a god in his own right. Batman is also in his prime. This is back when he marched into Iraq and beat the entire Iraqi army by himself to stop the Iraqi In The Darkie from blowing up Israel.

Batman is convinced Hal is the Green Goblin due to some voodoo magic worked by, oh say Zangief from the Street Fighter series. Who wins?

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I believe Parallax went back in time and destroyed Hogan, changing the outcomes of the brackets and this topic and I don't know this because if Parallax really did go back in time and changed the outcome, then I wouldn't know that Hulk Hogan beat Batman and therefore wouldn't be able to comment on Parallax's time traveling mis-adventures. So inconclusion, if Parallax can change space and time then he wins my vote.

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