What the hell is going on with Green Arrow?


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Why is everyone so up in arms about Green Arrow killing Prometheus?

The villain crippled Ollie's adopted son, killed Roy's daughter, and destroyed a city, yet all of the other heroes are acting like Ollie is the bad guy for putting an arrow through Prometheus' head.


Granted, I only skimmed Justice League: Cry for Justice, so maybe I missed something. But even still, I think the man is entitled to a little revenge.

Also, here's a scene from Green Arrow #31: Green Lantern, Black Canary, and The Flash confront Ollie in an effort to bring him in. Using a trick arrow, Green Arrow briefly blinds Hal. The Flash then says, "Dammit. Every time I see you -- you remind me why I don't like you, Green Arrow. I'll never understand why Hal was ever friends with you."


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The thing is, they're trying to make this a landmark moment for the character, but there's just no sense in it. The writers are acting like Ollie has always been this great man of morals, like Superman with a bow, but that's not true. Ollie has always been a bit shaky morally and this seems to fit perfectly with his character.

I think the biggest thing is that "Cry for Justice" was so, so, so incredibly shit, that people are looking at this Green Arrow story as something more than it is. We're condemning the character for his actions - which make sense given the context - instead of condemning James Robinson for having become an absolutely shit writer.

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Whatever is going on its massively irritating. The Green Arrow books spent a long time putting together a great family unit and a strong rogues gallery they could have run with for years. This current twist wasn't the first nail in the coffin for me, remember that GA Jr was killed and then resurrected again with botched memories and no bow-skills. I was pretty unhappy with the series after the wedding as a whole, but this isn't bringing me back to it in any way. This isn't Spider-man, the argument that "We can't do anything with GA or Arsenal because they're married/have kids won't fly here. reducing the diversity of your characters by killing off their loved ones is a shitty way to provoke character development. Do it occasionally fine, but its seems to be DC's go-to practice these days. "Hey, Elastic man needs edge, lets rape and kill his wife". "Hey the Atom needs a big story arc, lets have her kill Elastic man's wife". "We need Black Adam to kill an entire nation, lets have a crocodile eat his brother in law and have another dude off his wife". "Booster Gold needs some hardship, lets kill Blue Beetle". "Lets kill Aquaman and see if anyone notices".

I saw no reason to kill Roy's daughter. She was a constant presence in those comics since the 90's, and I like the idea that not every family in the DCU is going to be subject of unimaginable pain and suffering. Marvel aren't going to kill of Franklin Richards or Valeria any time soon, and thank christ for that. DC needs to learn that not every book needs a bucket of blood to sell issues.

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Yeah. From what I can tell, most of the uproar is from killing Lian off for no good reason.

Like I said in my review, it was a story that worked on paper and completely failed in execution.

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Barry's character is a bit inconsistent lately. In Rebirth, he was super-serious and slightly dickish, then in Blackest Night he went back to being the more kind and compassionate Barry that he should be.

Well, he was kind and compassionate because if he wasn't, there wouldn't be a Barry Blue Lantern, and the whole New Guardians thing would make no sense. Outside of that storyline, there's no reason for him to appear compassionate--or, apparently, to have such pre-DiDio continuity as living parents--so he's a dick.

Welcome to The New DCU. Don't say I didn't say 'Hey, those masterful artist-types are sans outer coverings!' way back when.

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Okay, let me put it this way: Why are his friends acting like assholes?

Because Dan Didio wants super-heroes not to get along, and wants to justify the future heel-turn of GA...and if it makes little sense, well, who cares?

To be fair, that was the point of Civil War. Just replace Barry with Tony.

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Well, he was kind and compassionate because if he wasn't, there wouldn't be a Barry Blue Lantern, and the whole New Guardians thing would make no sense.

...didn't you say at one point that Barry in Blackest Night was more accurate to his original personality?

Yes...and if the portrayal was consistent throughout Barry's appearane, I wouldn't bring it up...since everywhere else he's being this Horatio Cane hard-core, hard-ass cop, it's obvious that the only reason we've got Compassion Berry in BLACKEST NIGHT is to force him into the Blue Lantern role.

(And that's not even touching the rage-inducing 'We have to be more like Hal' speech he gave in BN #4)

Movie scriptwriters have a word for a character being assigned a personality trait that isn't inherent in their behavior--the informed attribute. Compassion was in no way an informed attribute in the pre-CRISIS world. It certainly is now in the Universe DiDio Built.

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