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This makes me nostalgic for the N64 Rumble Pack! I even remember the TV advert for Starfox 64/LylatWars going: "See how it feels to feel what you see with the all new Rumble Pack"

On topic: if this gimmick proves successful, I will weep for humanity.

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Just got back from this and thought it was quite poor. It isn't really a movie, it's Abrams holding up a sign saying "Hey guys! I really love Spielberg's films!" There is nothing new here, cliche story points ("you don't understand me," alien threat as a solver of personal problems) and characters (eeeeeevil military, drunken asshole dad) abound. A lot of them, and the dialogue, are laughably terrible. And if you loved the lens flares in Star Trek, they're back! I will give it credit for, being a film with kids as the protagonists, having a great cast of child actors. Also, what's included during the credits was one of the best parts of it. Overall though, Abrams was so focused on making an homage to Spielberg that he made a completely uninspired movie.

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I highly enjoyed the film. It is by no means perfect but it's still fun. I'd say more a homage to the 70's/80's kids and aliens films than an outright rip-off. The child actors are very convincing and they do a fucking great job. I have one major gripe:

The alien kills people in the movie yet we're supposed to sympathize with him at the end just because he just wants to go home.

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I loved it. It was a fun movie. The effects were really good and I loved the characters (excluding the annoying nerd with the huge braces). The child actors were great and I really liked that the alien wasn't humanoid. I hate when an alien looks just like a human but with different colored skin or scaly bodies. I really liked it and it was cool how it was set back in 1979. I love movies like that. Basically, I thought it was fucking epic. Not the greatest story but I didn't go into the movie for the story, I went in for action. And I was really satisfied. And the train wreck scene was amazing.

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