Doctor Who as an Anime


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Stumbled across this and has to share.

Wouldn't it be awesome if this become complete? With an Iron Many and Wolverine anime being made by Mad House perhaps with some incentive this could be made as well.

That is just beyond sweet. The villain designs are the highlight, classic Who villains are perfect for this sort of thing. Love that its the third Doctor too, although I'd like to see anime's off all of them. In an ideal world we'd get one episode per Doctor. Plus the double-master team-up was totally sweet.

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I saw someone copy this onto Youtube and I found the comments to be like the following.

(pretends to know anime): :shakehead: the animation needs to be better

(pretends to know doctor who): :shakehead: this is not in continuity.

(actually knows anime): whoo! good job this needs to be made into a show!

(actually knows doctor who): :holyshit: HOLY CRAP! ITS SUTEKH FRIGGIN SUTEKH!!!!!!

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