X-Men: Who needs a spin-off?


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Besides Wolverine and Magneto (who are already spoken for), which characters from X-Men and X2 need spin-offs?

Personally, I'd truly enjoy a Mystique film, especially if they wrote it like the comic. She's perfect for the black ops/espionage role, and is ripe for character development.

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Whats with the hate for gambit,? I don't get it. He would make for a better film than Colossus. Apart from maybe a Mystique film, there isn't anybody built up enough or interesting enough to warrent a spin off movie. Take Cyclops he's in both movies for around 2 minutes and doesn't very little apart from annoying Logan. Storms in the same boat. Both come across as bland and boring, and these are the leaders of the x-men.

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