Superman vs Juggernaut


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Superman. He's much faster and more agile, giving him a huge advantage over Cain. Plus, Supes could just fly into space and grab that gem thing and turn himself into the Juggernaut. Which would be extremely hilarious.

How would he ever know the gem was there? He's not from the Marvel Universe, and wouldn't be privy to that information. Plus, if this is fought in the DC Universe, the gem wouldn't be floating around in their space.

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Tough call. They briefly touched on this in Marvel VS. DC, but it was only one page and Supes punched Cain into the Daily Planet building.

Cain's power is magical, so you have to figure it would cause Supes some problems. I think the vast speed advantage will win the day for Superman, though.

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Supes punched Juggernaut into the Dailey Planet, but that doesn't mean he won the fight as easily as that.

I think Superman would have a tough ass time beating Juggernaut without any intent to kill.

Besides, I just had an image in my head of Superman going uber fast to do some sort of flying punch into Jugg's gut, then Jugg's swinging his massive fist to punch Superman's fist, stopping Supes dead (not killing dead) like that with a massive shockwave coming from the impact....

Imagine that image, peoples.

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