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Once upon a time, artists Jeffrey Thomas and Celeste Green made a poster of the Joker and Harley Quinn as if they were high school students. They sent it to DC. They were then hired to develop their Gotham High as an animated series. Which eventually died. Why?

Here's the show, as Thomas and Green describe it:

We all go through incredible changes as teenagers: growth spurts, bad skin, a sudden insatiable need to uphold justice and avenge your murdered parents.... Well, that is if you're Bruce Wayne.

As if being a freshman at Gotham High wasn't tough enough, Bruce's insomnia and technological fascinations are taking their toll. Instead of spending his time studying, he has begun to obsess over an emerging personality trait: Batman. But under the watchful eye of his guardian and steward, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce is forced to put his intelligence to good use: graduating high school. But given his classmates, can Bruce survive Gotham High?

It sounds like a perfectly serviceable idea, one that evokes a very Buffy the Vampire Slayer-like vibe—high school is a cesspool of hormones, rivalry, passions; above all, conflict. A place where everything feels more important that it is, an entire world that needs navigating and, at times, saving. What better place for a hero to find his, or her, way?

As the creators put it, "Unfortunately, the project got lost in the sea of all the other Batman-related projects in the works." Which really is a shame, as it seems like there's a lot of gold to be mined here. Gold that's just sitting there, unclaimed.

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Guest TFG1Mike

That looked like a very stupid, fun, idea.

This. It wouldn't work on so many levels, but it'd still be tremendous fun. Especially with all the villains being fellow students.

So basically it would have been what X-Men Evolution was... because in that cartoon all the villains were fellow students.

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