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Marvel Studios has hired Mark Bailey to write the script for The Black Panther, reports Heat Vision.

Bailey hails from the documentary film world and his credits include HBO documentaries such as "Pandemic: Facing AIDS" and "Ghost of Abu Ghraib." The trade says his latest project is a feature adaptation of the non-fiction book "The Last of the Tribe: The Epic Quest to Save a Lone Man in the Amazon," to which Doug Liman is attached to direct.

The Black Panther first appeared in the pages of the "Fantastic Four" comic in 1966. The character is the king of a resource-rich fictional African country who becomes a superhero.

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige is producing.

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9 hours ago, Dread said:

I'm not seeing what everyone else is. It all looks like video game cut scenes to me.

Sure, but the same could be said of most of the Marvel/DC trailers I've seen over the past few years. At least this one is somewhat unique in that it has a mostly black cast, and I like the Vince Staples song they used.

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1 hour ago, Aaron Robinson said:

Sure, but the same could be said of most of the Marvel/DC trailers I've seen over the past few years. At least this one is somewhat unique in that it has a mostly black cast, and I like the Vince Staples song they used.

I would argue some superhero movies are better than others at depicting superpowers. This was ridiculous. I like the cast, but I don't have high hopes for them within Marvel's cookie-cutter mould.

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5 hours ago, Venneh said:

Can you explain this?

I like the trailer, interested mostly in Wakanda, and the costumes/world building look amazing. 

Because he scratches with his claws and jumps around doing flips. I didn't grow up reading Black Panther books because he looked lame to me.  The world looks cool but it's hard to believe that a nation can hide it's technological prowess in the age of satellites and cell phones.

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His powers and suit were a means to an end. His motivations and character traits are entirely different than T'Challa's. Not the opposite, entirely different. What does T'Challa want and what does Killmonger want? How do those opposing forces affect, change and re-emphasize each other? How do those similarities and/or differences compare to other hero/villain dynamics in other Marvel movies?

There's a different between MCU Ant-Man and Yellowjacket (Lower class thief vs. Upper class thief with the same powers), and Black Panther and Killmonger (Newly appointed king who takes the future of his people into the modern world with new revelations vs. American raised solider who murders and vandalizes to affect direct change in the world). Those attributes yin and yang each other, but just because they're connected thematically doesn't mean they're the same, regardless of who's wearing what suit.

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I personally thought it might be the best of all the Marvel films.


For me, it all came down to the fact that it never felt like an origin story. Wakanda was believable! I bought that it could exist. Beyond that, it had great action scenes and everyone was turning in a good performance. Best of all, it didn't sound like generic Super Hero movie. This is something that most of the Marvel films have become really good at lately.

Villain wise, I've seen a lot on Twitter that basically boils down to: "Killmonger had a point." He really does. The fact that, at the of the day, this is what pushes T'Challa to change Wakanda's entire international outreach is telling. They just approached it differently. He was a charismatic and good villain in a universe where those tend to be far and few between.

The real standout of this movie was the three female leads though. T'Challa is awesome and a great protagonist, don't get me wrong, but they get so much of the action moving. Nakia is more than just a love interest. She gets to be kick-ass, she gets the ball moving. She's awesome. I can always see Okoye's motives. The fact that she stays when the others go on the run and when she turns later makes so much sense. Finally, how awesome is Shuri? She's smart, interesting, funny. She needs her own movie. Overall, one of the best supporting casts.

So, yeah, this will be interesting going forward. I'm sure even Marvel might be surprised with the critical and financial success of this one. Hopefully they don't fuck it up.


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14 hours ago, JackFetch said:

He has the same powers and suit, and he's the bad guy. What about that isn't what I said? Whatever his motivations and character traits are, it still comes down to Black Panther fighting evil Black Panther. It's something we have seen multiple times in Marvel movies. 

I deeply disagree with this. 

To call it Black Panther fighting evil Black Panther is reductive at best. That’s like saying Thor fighting Loki or Hela is Thor fighting evil Thor.

The entire Killmonger storyline is an honest reckoning of a utopia like Wakanda existing in the context of African/African American history, isolationism and the experience of kids of diaspora feel when they return to their “home” culture. (Tbh, I’m incredibly surprised Marvel let Coogler even make this movie)

Just got back from seeing this a second time. It holds up. The only things I’m not liking is a) us never getting a name/background for the woman who’s with Killmonger before he murders her, and b) the message of the movie wrt Killmonger boiling down to “children of the diaspora will never belong in their home culture (I would liked to have seen a rehabilitation attempt for him, especially given the acknowledging mistakes thing).

But man, that these are my only complaints for a movie are incredibly minor. The action is amazing, the entire cast (except maybe Forrest Whittaker) is a goddamn thirst trap, the design is amazing on every front, the soundtrack is good, and the plot holds up. 

On track to see this a third time, and I’m cool with that. Up there with The Winter Soldier for me.

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Killmonger is great when he's not in the suit. When he puts it on it feels like Iron Man vs Iron Monger, or Hulk vs Abomination. You guys seem to think I don't like Killmonger. I do. I'm just tired of seeing the hero fight the bad guy version of himself. If he had changed the suit so it wasn't just a gold version of it that would be fine. This has nothing to do with the story or the characters. It's optics. 

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