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A Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda game without a shadow of a doubt. A Link to the Past (GBA re-release) was the first video game I ever owned and remains to this day my favorite video game. It's just so epic and so cool and I have so many fond memories of playing that game though-out my childhood. Then Twilight Princess would be number 2 for me.

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I've always been pretty vocal in declaring that I was never a huge Zelda guy, but my favourite will always be Link's Awakening.

It was offsetting and even a little creepy at parts. Just completely unlike anything else they've done from a thematic standpoint.

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you wake up on an island you never knew was existed. you start with nothing more than a shield and are told to go brave the island and keep everyone from dying by saving the windfish. on your journey you face some of the weirdest things known to elven people. at one point you even get to play with a chainchomp. there's adult humor, there's complicated levels, there's one of the most confusing endings I've ever seen, and its portable. link's awakening is my favorite, and I'm surprised i remember this much cause i haven't played it sense i had a gameboy color many a year ago

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