Episode 03.04: Splinter and Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace


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In this episode, Damien and Desmond cover the first two albums from trip hop / speed metal duo Rusty Chuck: Boob Height and Sinus Irrigation. But first, they have to get through the final two (for now) releases from The Offspring: Splinter and Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace, respectively. Before they even get into the albums, Desmond drops a bomb on Damien so big that, decades from now, Damien will refuse to teach his history students about this war due to the deeply entrenched socio-political shame involved. But your intrepid hosts do agree on one thing: the awesomeness of studio drummer extraordinaire Josh Freese! Is The Man breaking down Desmond's door, or is the old lady just making noise in the background? And just who is the next band we cover? Listen to find out! [ 1:35:44 || 46.3 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/droppedd/episodes/droppedd_003-04.mp3

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I was on holiday when this was released, but since getting back home & updating my iTunes, I must have listened to this episode about 5 times. The divergence in opinion of Splinter is good stuff, and after seeking out 'When You're in Prison', I have to side with Des. I like the old-timey approach a lot, especially because it goes some way to de-emphasise the crassness of the subject matter. Can't say too much about Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace.

Once again, your next band isn't one I have much of a history with, but I'll be following your journey through their discography once more! I've certainly listened to that album title track/single from two albums/DD feedback backing music quite a lot!

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