Episode 04.03: The Real Thing


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Desmond and Damien know that feeling, it is The Real Thing. Faith No More's first band featuring alternative music legend Mike Patton on vocals. And boy are they happy about it?! Yes, they are. First up, they have news featuring previous bands covered on the podcast, and then they talk about the album cover without really saying anything for a ridiculous amount of time. But after the first 25 minutes, it's all Patton-era Faith No More goodness. The creepiness and the poppiness and the metalness are all talked about. But so are the New Kids on the Block. Twice! Of course: more band name updates, weird sex acts, and odd celebrity references. What would a show be without it? Damien makes faces, but only people who pay for the premium videocast version of the show get to see them. Also, where do the bad raisins go when they die? Listen to find out! [ 1:51:58 || 54.0 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/droppedd/episodes/droppedd_004-03.mp3

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Wow. I wish I knew the whole cut was online because I clicked through a bunch of 10 minute clips of this over and over. The Patton interview is fucking amazing. Like a Charles manson interview.

Patton is a odd fellow. I was shocked to find any of it.

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I just listened to this episode for the first time. I also prefer the FNM version of "War Pigs" to the original, and I'd only heard it for the first time this past November. Funny thing for me--listening to it more and more, I would be like, "'War Pigs' Faith No More version, a.k.a. Mike Borden Has the Time of His Fucking Life."

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