Episode 527


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Great episode guys. The Alan Scott talk was interesting in how split it was. Do you think the gesture in itself was good, or was changing a character's orientation a facetious thing to do in terms of progressive storytelling in comics?

Speaking personally, in the lead up to the identity revelation when people were wondering about Wally West, I felt conflicted in that in didn't believe in the earnestness of Robinson's story. At the end of the day I fell down on the fact that it is a new continuity and that there's no reason it has to be a bad thing.

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A very fun and an extremely informative episode.

Two things:

I believe I heard somewhere that the current Batman Inc. series was supposed to be before Flashpoint (though I doubt would make much more sense either way).

Also, though I don't remember anything in the source material indicating he was as such (apart from a comment by Rorschach), but I think they were trying to imply that Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias was gay in the Watchmen movie: He's shown hanging out with the Village People in the opening credits and during the scene where Nite Owl and Rorschach are hacking his computer, there's a folder labeled "Boys" on the screen. What do you think?

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Yeah, I can completely see what you're saying about Veidt in the movie seeming gay. Doesn't help that he has a Schumacher costume. As for the placing of Batman Inc, yeah, I have problems with that if for no other reason than it's confusing when there are no other titles that take place in the old continuity.

As for Alan Scott, if they can get some good stories out of it, awesome. There's nothing to say that Obsidian can't pop up later on either. Nothing to say Alan can't adopt or have a child through a surrogate or experimented in college. In the old continuity, Alan Scott didn't know he had kids until long into their adult hood.

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Ozymandias was inspired by Alexander the Great. It wasn't explicit but I wouldn't be surprised if he was meant to be gay in the book as well.

There really wasn't a lot in the book to indicate that Veidt was gay beyond Rorschach's thinking he might be. In fact, there's far more in the book to suggest that Rorschach is gay (and self-loathing) than Ozymandias.

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