Which should I cover? (Grant Morrison edition)


Which Grant Morrison run should I cover?  

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New X-Men.It's one of the more new reader-friendly things he's written, takes chances, is overall well-written, and actually helped shape the current status quo of its company's universe (a claim neither of the other books can make thanks to the reboot). I'll also admit that I'm voting for it because I read all of it quite recently and wanna know what someone who isn't a huge Morrison fan thinks of it.

Plus, you need only read eight digests or three collections to read it in trade form, rather than 30 separate books, and this run is unbroken by issues by other writers (as in JLA).

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That and Seven Soldiers is actually less issues than New X-Men and the same number of issues if you just include JLA. If you include DC 1,000,000 which is kinda considered part of the run and JLA:Earth-2 which takes place during the same issues and has been collected in the big JLA Grant Morrison Collection.

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