Episode 02: Jurassic Park


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Truly a modern masterpiece, and one of Shana's favorite films, Jurassic Park continues to thrill with its nearly flawless visual effects, heart-pounding sound, and grandiose directing! It is, however, nearly 20 years old, so the question is posed: Is Jurassic Park in need of a remake? Listen in as Shana and Mike each assign the movie a new cast, tweak a few plot points and character motivations, and generally gush about it as a whole. Also, the next two movies are named, several more are dropped into the queue, and feedback is read! [ 1:57:00 || 56.4 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/forbetterorworse/episodes/forbetterorworse_002.mp3

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This film came out when I was five-ish, and it *was* my childhood. I love dinosaurs (And Jeff Goldblum) to this day. Riding a triceratops to work is still my greatest dream.

Random Thoughts:

-Shana is completely right about it getting young people into the sciences. I loved science because of this movie.

-I can't disagree about the effects. It's truly amazing how well this flick holds up. Modern CGI honestly still can't touch this movie. The ostrich-y dinosaurs always kinda bugged me, a little, which is all about the daylight.

-Honestly, I'd just cut all of Nedry's stuff and let the tropical storm knock everything out. It always seemed a little superfluous to me.

The Cast:

Michael Caine is pretty much perfect for Hammond. I also think Robin Williams could work well, if he dialed it back, as he tends to in his smaller roles. He's a bit younger than the other choices, but I think he could capture the balance of whimsy and madman.

If you're keeping Nedry, I'd go with Nick Frost, but Giamatti is a great choice.

Rowan Atkinson is PHENOMENAL as the Lawyer. Jason Bateman, if you wanted to take it younger.

The hunter: Iain Glenn in this part. Tim Roth is a personal favorite of mine, though.

Dr. Malcom: Tennant is good choice, but I'd go with Simon Pegg, actually. Maybe even Robert Downey Jr.

Sattler: Mary Louise Parker, maybe? Marion Cotillard could pull it off, too.

Grant: Daniel Craig or Liev Schrieber, I think.

God, my cast is British.

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God, my cast is British.

You say that like it's a bad thing! :teatime:

Preston has some good ones (Mary Louise Parker, Downey Jr., I could even see Craig), but I really liked Mike's ideas of aging and diversifying the cast. That being said, Rowan Atkinson REALLY doesn't fit within that vision. Yes, he can play that kind of character, but he also has the comedy actor baggage that would take a lot of audiences out of the film. If you saw the Olympic opening ceremony, once Atkinson's Bean was revealed, the entire stadium laughed and whooped - he's too identifiable with comedy. Whilst I wouldn't cast him as such, Robin Williams at least has some serious acting chops to his career.

And yes, you forgot about THE Timothy Dalton. I found myself saying his name out-loud, somewhat futile-y, at least four times. Hang your head in shame, Sims. (Mr Sims that is).

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And yes, you forgot about THE Timothy Dalton. I found myself saying his name out-loud, somewhat futile-y, at least four times. Hang your head in shame, Sims. (Mr Sims that is).


Rough transcript of me listening to the show in the car earlier.

The casting of the kids is inspired Mike, and the main area I would have had trouble with. I'll save fuller thoughts for some sort of on-air feedback item but this was a lot of fun. For me and a lot of kids in the 90's Jurassic Park was as close as we'll get to what the Star Wars generation must have felt when that first came out.

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Actually, Timothy Dalton might be pretty good as Hammond, recalling his turn in Hot Fuzz.

Edit: Also, for director? I'd love to see Duncan Jones take a shot at something like this. He reminds me a bit of an edgier, younger, Bowier, Spielberg.

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