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Saying you're a Neil Gaiman fan on the Internet is like saying you're a human being or a cat intelligent enough to use a keyboard and mouse; of course you are. Gaiman is not just a beloved author online, he's something of a social quantifier for my generation. Geeks love Gaiman; he's the modern Douglas Adams. But before he made bank with his novels and married the chick from The Dresden Dolls, Neil wrote a TV show for the BBC.

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I watched Neverwhere when it was first broadcast. I was 19 at the time and I was completely drawn in. It was my first exposure to Neil Gaiman's work and the one that is still my favourite. I know Gaiman was bitterly disappointed that the show was filmed on video rather than film and it can't be denied that the overall look of the show suffers as a result. It's a shame as the production design and coustumes are really good and it's a pity the the BBC didn't see fit to thorw some more money at it as it could have looked stunning.

If you enjoyed the Neverwhere novel I would strongly recommend you seek out Kraken by China MiƩville. It is another urban fantasy book that draws inspiration from Neverwhere while adding a modern twist on magic and in Goss and Subby it has two killers-for-hire so chilling they make Croup and Vandamar look like Eagle scouts.

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