Episode 06: Fantastic Four


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Word up, Simses!

To answer your shout-out, Shana, I do actually like hearing the plot ideas first and then hearing how that plot would be cast. It worked really well for the Jurrassic Park episode. Plus the other way round kinda forces you to explain away parts of your storyline anyway, so you may as well set the scene to start with so that you don't repeat yourself too often.

Also Mike, Famke Janssen isn't wooden (see Goldeneye). She's Dutch.

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Great episode, guys. As a lifelong FF fanatic, I was (by and large) terribly disappointed in this movie. Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans were perfectly cast, and the tone of the film (lighthearted but not OTT comedic) was what I would have gone for, but otherwise this was a mess. Alba and McMahon were hideously miscast, and Ioan "YO-an Griffith" Griffudd is a decent enough actor but a) too young and b) not charismatic enough to overcome Reed's innate woodenness. This reboot can't happen soon enough for me.

Also, Blanchard: Don't ever change.

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