Episode 07: Psycho


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Psycho, the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, is up for discussion today. And the review / remake leads to Shana and Mike having a frank chat about mental disorders, as well as a conversation about the intelligence of the moviegoing audience. Plus, Shana calls Mike her what? [ 1:20:01 || 38.8 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/forbetterorworse/episodes/forbetterorworse_007.mp3

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I really liked Psycho when I saw it for the first time this summer. Not nearly my favorite Hitchcock movie (Rear Window and Shadow of a Doubt are my 1-2 favorites), but it is still a fantastic achievement in cinematic history. My lasting image of the film is really the very last image of the movie--Norman sitting there alone, but it's not really Norman. It's Mother. She has fully taken over his psyche.

EDIT: Still listening to this and I love that you mentioned that Saw insults its audience, Mike. I said the very same thing in my summer film class (a Hitchcock study) in one of my term papers. I got an "A" on the paper, btw. :fez:

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First episode that I've actually gotten to listen to all the way through (really should have done that sooner) and loving it! Great job, you two! Always fun to listen to you two banter while I'm assembling furniture.

See, in terms of a remake, there is kind of one going on right now - a prequel TV series. You can either answer this in thread or in the feedback for this episode, but interested to know both your thoughts on them making it a prequel, and the casting.

I actually disagree with both of you on the ending.

I think they should keep part of the explanation - that he killed his mother, and that he's not a transvestite. Cut out the whole explanation about the schizophrenia, though; instead, cut to the scene in the cell where Mother has completely subsumed Norman. I think that the average audience can get at least that; plus, I love that end scene, right before they fade to the cars being dragged out of the swamp.

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Partly due to this podcast, and the fact that I was doing housework when I was listening which conveniently drowned out the spoilers, I watched this film for the first time the other day.


Great film. Not flawless, granted - I certainly agree that too many trips are made to the Bates motel - but you can see why it's such an influential film. The imposition of a skull/Mrs Bates over the smiling Norman at the end of the film was pretty darn creepy.

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