Episode 658


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Black & White Week concludes in a big way! First, Will sits down to talk about the early days of animation, then Dan joins him for a look at the Captain Marvel serials. DW returns for a chat with Dan about Godzilla, while James and Hannah cap things off with Citizen Kane. Stick around after the reviews, because there's still more: Shake and Blake hosts Dave Probert and Ian Wilson present a trailer for their next podcast! And, starting things off, Mike makes an announcement about Earth-2.net: The Show in the coming months. [ 3:41:31 || 106.7 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_658.mp3

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That was actually my first exposure to Godzilla, which was tied with Fantastic four for my favorite show. When the Emmerich movie came out I thought they made a dramatic improvement on the roar. Little did I know that was the actual roar and having Lurch slobber over the microphone was the change.

As for Godzuki, everyone denies his existence. My dad watched an episode or two and whenever he sees Minya he calls it Godzillita (Spanish for little godzilla). Godzuki is able to collectively disgust people in a way that not even French Godzilla (aka Mr. Merde) cannot.


or even Mr. Merde goes to Paris.


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I believe in the original script of "Gojira" Dr. Serizawa (Dr. Nick Fury) originally was meant to wear all black, only appear at night and live in abandoned houses. I am glad that they decided to tone him down to just an eyepatch. We have enough vampires in movies already. Although I do find that having the Godzilla world be fantastical, makes you care about the damage less. Because you can make an argument claiming that everyone abandoned the city instantly and that with the push of a button the buildings will come back together.

Mr. Plinkett once made the Citizen Kane Tommy Wisseau connection. Way to explain the origin of the clapping meme!

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