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    Yeah... Chris Pratt pretty quickly went from the second best of the Hollywood Chrises to the worst in the span of just a couple of years.
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    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Destroy All Monsters: You'd think a movie where aliens mind-control Kaiju to attack the great cities of the world would be more interesting but you haven't had to spend time watching scientist bicker in a space-ship instead of watching Godzilla knockover The Statue of Liberty. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: Fun but it lays of the entire, "We're in a video game" stuff a little too thick. Also, wasn't sure if I should be offended by the Jack Black stuff or not... Fantastic Four: This is the 2000s one. There's stuff to like (Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis) but most of it is pretty meh. The CGI on Mr. Fantastic was dated in 2005. Films: 89 Repeats: 5 MST3k/Rifftrax Assisted: 3 Made For TV: 3 Documentaries: 1 Straight to DVD: 5
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    Detective Pikachu

    ...sure. I'm in.
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    RIP Stan Lee

    Someone will have better things to say about Stan Lee than me. Gonna leave this here.
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    What games are you currently playing?

    I've been playing Hollow Knight. I love Metroidvanias and this might be one of the best I've played in recent years. Mind you, I've also done my usual problem of accidentally walking into every single place on the map before I do anything of consequence.
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    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Yep. It came out a year too early to be able to ride off of Scream's success. It's pretty dumb.
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    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Coco: Shut up! You're crying! Spider-Man Homecoming: Fun Spider-Man movie. I'm mainly here for Zendaya, Michael Keaton, and Marisa Tomei. A Wrinkle in Time: Storywise, I was pretty meh. From a visual storytelling approach though? Wow! I don't care what the next thing that Ava DuVernay does, I am all over it! Soapdish: Fun movie with a great cast. Too bad the ending is kind of antiquated, namely how the villain gets their comeuppance. Films: 86 Repeats: 5 MST3k/Rifftrax Assisted: 3 Made For TV: 3 Documentaries: 1 Straight to DVD: 5
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    Weeklong events on Earth-2.net: The Show

    Short notice but you could try to squeeze in Man of Steel as either the Mike's Birthday episode or at the end of the Advent Calendar this year. I'd be happy to help out where ever you need someone to step in.
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    The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    Oh, Halloween. Hands down.
  10. dc20willsave

    Everything Marvel

    Marvel is planning a Falcon/Winter Soldier series for the Disney streaming service.
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    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Scream 3: I have words. They'll be said eventually. Scream 4: Disappointing but far from the worst horror movie of the last ten years. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble: It's a Made-For-TV Olsen Twins movie from the 90s with Cloris Leachman devouring the scenery. It's weird. Chopping Mall: 80s Horror Movie about horny teenagers getting locked in a mall with killer robots. It's such a B-Movie that you can't help but love it. The Lost Boys: The fact that this film is still talked about in Queer Film circles kinda says it all. A decent vampire movie. The WNUF Halloween Special: Retro throwback horror film I've seen multiple times and always find interesting. Films: 82 Repeats: 5 MST3k/Rifftrax Assisted: 3 Made For TV: 3 Documentaries: 1 Straight to DVD: 5
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    DC reboot

    DC has a map of the Flashpoint Earth. Also, apparently DC is, in addition to wrapping up tons of stories for by time Flashpoint #5 ships, pretty much putting a lot of people under non-disclosure agreements about anything post August. So yeah, this is either going to be the biggest stunt DC has pulled in recent history or it's going to blow up royally in their face.
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    Episode 1026

    I'm still surprised it took me this long to put out a podcast episode about Scream. Glad to have had Skyler there to help me out.
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    Erasing the Past, Embracing the Past

    Loved this!
  15. dc20willsave

    Everything DC

    No word yet on whether this is going to be an episode of Teen Titans Go!, a theatrical movie, or straight to DVD.
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    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers: It's not bad but damn if it doesn't suck to be Jamie. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Meyers: Yeah, part 5 is a good place for the series to jump the rail. Like, I know the man in black goes somewhere I hate where it goes so, no, doesn't redeem this at all. Merlin's Shop of Mystic Wonders: Not the best episode of MST3k but still one of the most memorable. Coraline: I love Claymation. Psycho: Still a classic for a reason. Films: 77 Repeats: 5 MST3k/Rifftrax Assisted: 3 Made For TV: 2 Documentaries: 1 Straight to DVD: 5
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    What are you watching and enjoying?

    I always loved how absurd the premise was: An exotic dancer goes in for a breast job, complications happen so they freeze her until she gets woken up by the human resistance in the future. Absolutely crazy and awesome. Plus, it was arguably Gina Torres's breakout role. That said, I was always a bigger fan of Jack of All Trades, the show it aired next to. Bruce Campbell in post-revolutionary war spy antics.
  18. dc20willsave

    Random wrestling thoughts

    I feel like this is going to be something fandom complains about but the company is never going to remedy. They will always promote the part-time big namers and creative's pets over the guys who work every week and put in the hours. Let's take Finn Balor for example. The audience loves him, the company uses him for their anti-bullying campaign, and he's even brought in people that might not watch wrestling like an LGBT audience. Now, let's look at some of his track record this year: The guy is #2 at the Royal Rumble, lasts nearly an hour, and is taken out by John Cena. He works his butt off to get into Elimination Chamber only to be beat by Braun Strohman. Loses at Wrestlemania to Seth Rollins (who, to be fair, also beat The MIz. It'll never not suck to be The Miz.). Then, at Money in the Bank, loses again to Braun Strohman. Then he has a feud with Baron Corbin which, sure he wins matches against but then he's also getting a bit of the wrong kind of push coming out of it. Now, let's look at The Undertaker. Guy is way past his prime. Most of his matches lack any energy (as seen by his ten minute trip to the wring at Smackdown 1000) and are over before they even begin. He also only competes with or against the people the company is trying to put over or other part-timers/retired wrestlers. I mean, he's freaking feuding with DX. This isn't the Attitude Era anymore for Christ's sake! The problem is that Creative is headed by HHH so his friends are always going to get the extra promotion, himself included. So, the little guy is going to inevitably come off big at first until getting trampled by whoever the company is determined to make you love instead/the guy you loved ten years ago who must be on so many painkillers just to come out to the ring again. Eventually, they get tired and either retire or leave the company for someone else who might know how to use them.
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    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Halloween 3: Season of the Witch: It's almost a shame that this has the Halloween name because it's always going to be unfairly hated because it doesn't have Michael Meyers. It works so well on it's own. Scream 2: I say a bit about it in a future episode of the show but damn good. The Craft: I'm up and down on this movie. One year, I don't care about it. Another year, I love it. It all depends on my mood I guess. It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World: It's a three hour long comedy. It works. Suspiria: I felt like watching all of Dario Argento's Three Mothers since I hadn't seen any of them. Its great. Moody, atmospheric, and gory at the right times. Definitely the best of the three. Inferno: I'm torn here. It's great to look at and has some weird scenes BUT the plot never seems to happen. The music is also all over the place with moments I love and moments that are iffy at best. Mother of Tears: Came out 15 plus years after the previous movie and it shows. It lacks the interesting visuals of the original and goes in favor of shock and torture porn. It definitely feels like it decided to do too much with too little. Films: 73 Repeats: 5 MST3k/Rifftrax Assisted: 2 Made For TV: 2 Documentaries: 1 Straight to DVD: 5
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    The Year of Tolkien

    Building on that, maybe The Year of the Franchise where each of your actors comes from one of Cinemas big Franchises. Suggestions with some actors: Winter of Bond (Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Naomie Harris), Spring of the Rings (Hugo Weaving, Liv Tyler, Elijah Wood) Summer of Potter (Helena Bonham Carter, Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Rickman), Fall of Star Wars (Alec Guiness, Natalie Portman, Harrison Ford). Other potential franchises could be Avengers, The Fast and the Furious (Michelle Rodriguez month, anyone?), X-Men, or even Batman or Transformers.
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    Everything DC

    Yep. From some of the reports I'm reading, it might be closer to a reboot than a sequel which is probably a good thing.
  22. dc20willsave

    Everything DC

    James Gunn is writing, possibly directing Suicide Squad 2.
  23. dc20willsave

    Star Trek: Discovery

    CBS has greenlit a new series, set to debut in 2017, the first episode airing on CBS before moving to CBS's online paid service. Alex Kurtzman is developing and it's been reported a few other places that it won't have any relation to Star Trek Beyond so hopefully that means this is taking place in the original timeline.
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    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    A Star is Born: Absolutely phenomenal. Everyone knows I was going to gush about Gaga so yeah, she deserves every award she gets from the film. Bradley Cooper's performance is just as nuanced and his direction excels throughout the film. No, this is just so very good. I cried at the end. Halloween: This year's Horror series I'm checking out for October is the Halloween series. The first film in the series is a great start with some solid horror moments. Halloween 2: Setting the second film in a hospital makes for a nice difference from the original. You get more of Michael being an invincible monster which does feel some tinges of boredom in there but there's still some decent horror going on. Films: 66 Repeats: 5 MST3k/Rifftrax Assisted: 2 Made For TV: 2 Documentaries: 1 Straight to DVD: 5