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  1. And I bet he looks phenomenal with a purple bucket on his head!
  2. Dark Horse could last. They still do a fair bit of liscensed stuff including some Disney Stuff that they don't do through Marvel. Also the collectables and big, over-sized art books will keep them going in the Bookstore Market for awhile. Direct Market is more iffy but they're not completely dead yet. As for the Alien/Predator stuff, now might be a good time to pick up any of those collected books before they go out of print, especially the crossover stuff with DC..
  3. 101 Dalmatians: The Original Animated Version. It's very cute. Aladdin: The Live-Action Remake. It's way too long and way too unnecessary. I just can't be bothered to care or like it. Films: 95 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 1 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  4. I never actually said if I liked it or not I just realized. It's a visually interesting movie. There's a scene transition early that really caught my attention. It is a smidge long but I really liked the dread they conveyed in a horror film where that are few to no dark scenes. It's a break-up film framed as a Folksy Cult Slasher Film.
  5. If you're happy to help I would appreciate answers to the following questions: Which State/Province do you live in/come from? I was born in Montana but we moved to Northern Ohio when I was 2 because that's where my dad was from. I have since moved to Dayton, Ohio which is in the Southwestern part of the state. What makes your state special/different to others? Ohio is in an interesting place politically. No Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio. Our state is also the birthplace of both The Wright Brothers and Thomas Edison as well as 7 Presidents which is the second highest after Virginia. In addition, Ohio is one of the prime example of The Midwestern Dialect which is that incredibly generic accent you hear in every movie because of how unremarkable it sounds compared to if you nudge a little south, a bit to the east, west, or north. What local foods is your state known for? First off, you have the aforementioned Skyline Chili which is... something. It's basically a hearty meat sauce with cinnamon and spices that is commonly eaten over Spaghetti or Hot Dogs. It's an acquired taste. Then you have Buckeyes which are balls of peanut butter that are dipped in chocolate. Not completely native to Ohio but it is named for our State Tree. What special buildings do you have? Dayton is home to The United States Air Force Museum which houses many historical planes. We sadly lost our bid to get a space shuttle but oh well. Ohio houses The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. We used to have a building shaped like a Giant Basket in Columbus because it was dismantled. No appreciation for kitsch.
  6. He was an openly gay director during the 80s when that just didn't happen. He made some very watchable films. He gave generously and advanced the careers of many actors. The Man deserves to be remembered well.
  7. Come to Daddy: Elijah Wood isn't a bad actor. The film itself is alright, a little too much torture porn at times but still pretty alright. Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Easily one of the best of The MCU, if not the best. Chris Evans is a great action star. Midsommar: Speaking of torture porn... Mostly kidding. I kinda want to watch the original The Wicker Man because there are some real parallels here. Aladdin and The King of Thieves: It's an okay straight to video Disney sequel. I'm glad that Robin Williams got a big payout for it. Films: 93 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 1 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  8. I Love You Both: Hulu likes to recommend me really cringy movies. I watch them so it keeps on recommending them to me. It's not that good of a film, a kinda sorta comedy about fraternal twins that both develop feelings for the same guy. It's almost the same film as The Skeleton Twins only neither of the stars have the same charisma. Mayhem: This was tons of fun... also a little unsettling given current events since part of the premise is that there's a virus that makes people go a little insane and an early scene shows how easy it is to spread. Films: 89 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 1 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  9. The trailer went up at 9 Eastern Time so 6 Pacific.
  10. The Hustle: I am, 100%, all for films that give women in Hollywood more to do. The irony that they remade Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels with a genderbent cast is not lost on me, keeping every plot element including the ending, is not lost on me. It's Rebel Wilson making more of the usual Rebel Wilson jokes, It's Anne Hathaway doing an accent, it's pretty run of the mill. Scream, Queen! My Nightmare On Elm Street: A fascinating look at A Nightmare on Elm St. 2, It's Star Mark Patton, and Gay Hollywood in the 80s. There's a lot of be admired though certain interactions could have went better. Still worth a watch. The Road to El Dorado: A film I have mainly avoided over the last two decades. It never appealed to me. Watching it today, it's decent and fun. It is also definitely a memeable and queer as I had been lead to believe. Films: 87 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 1 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  11. The Velocipastor: It came up in conversation while playing Overwatch with some friends so we decided to watch it. It's still a weird ass film The Hunger Games: I've been on a Social Strategy Game kick lately and we ended up on this film and I started droning on and on about effective alliances and voting techniques. Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence does a pretty good job. Films: 85 Rewatches: 1 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  12. It honestly just hit the right combination of things. At that point, Disney was still a year off from buying Marvel. A handful of different studios owned stuff (conincidentally, Disney had some distribution rights to a few of those at the time). That said, looking at the larger catalog, there's still some stuff we're unlikely to see on Disney+ anytime soon namely the 67 Fantastic Four series (Hanna-Barbera still owns that), The Spectacular Spider-Man (Sony produced it), or The Marvel Super Hero Show (because the animation on those is ROUGH and who even has nostalgia for them?).
  13. I doubt it will do much good adding it to the Big Damn Heroes feed since that things been dead for a few years now but go ahead. Everything about this blows chunks. GoDaddy is terrible as is but this just makes me hate them a bit more.
  14. There have been more than a few Director's Cuts that are tonally different from the theatrical cut. Blade Runner is the one that is screaming out there. Coincidentally, so does Superman II. Most just add in deleted scenes that are of little consequence. There are a large amount of problems here. Dan Olsen did an excellent video back in December that went over most of the talking points. With everything going on, getting certain actors back to do any follow up filing will be a little more difficult. You might be able to get ADR out of them from home but getting some of them there for weeks for little pay is more questionable. Then you have the Ezra Miller situation. He might currently be considered toxic due to the entire choking a woman thing.
  15. With HBO Max being there and both being owned by Warner Media, I can see a case where DC Universe's original video side is shunted over to Max while DC Universe keeps the classic videos and the comics.
  16. Lady Bird: The fact that Laurie Metcalf didn't get an Oscar win here is a crying shame. It's a brilliant film. Booksmart: Olivia Wilde is a decent director. Terrifically written film, so many great acting performances. I had so much fun! Between this and Blockers, can we get more well-written comedies about teenage girl friendships? Can't Hardly Wait: Is it just the fate of 50% of all comedies to age terribly? Especially ones that weren't even that great to begin with? Films: 84 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  17. I can't blame her since she almost got paralyzed earlier this season. They're planning to recast and, while I commend the decision to also go with a queer actress, I almost feel like they could have just ended the series. Has there ever been a show where they recast the main character after the first season successfully? I don't mean a side character, the title character. Edited to Add: She left as part of a mutual decision because she wasn't having fun working on the show which was affecting the work space.
  18. No Zack, it's not. It's some unedited footage and 30 Million to make it into something coherent. I really do hope that the people who have been barking for this get what they want because if it's just as meh as the original, we'll see so many people try to pretend they loved it to save face.
  19. Silver Streak, Brewster's Millions, and Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling.
  20. Iron Man 3: I'm not a fan but I guess I can understand why other people are. I just can't help but notice problems and I didn't have all that much fun with it. Thor: The Dark World: I had even less fun here. Despite being like the shortest Marvel Film, it still seems like you could have cut like 20 minutes and it wouldn't lose anything. Also, they wasted Christopher Eccleston. Doug's First Movie: It was apparently supposed to be straight to video but got a theatrical release because The Rugrats Movie was successful. As is, it's just an extra long episode of Doug and it just kind of falls flat. Addams Family Values: One of those sequels that is superior to the original on all counts. It's not perfect but it's so enjoyable with some wonderful performances from everyone. Films: 81 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  21. We're not seeing it until 2021. HBO has first Streaming Rights so no going direct to Disney+ or Hulu and with HBO Max launching soon, no way Disney gives them something to market as a premier.
  22. The Return of Jafar: Essentially a pilot for The Series. Still odd that The Series has yet to make it's way to Disney+. Recess: School's Out: Recess is one of those 90s shows that's always stuck with me. The movie is alright but what really makes it slightly above average is the decision of production to use 60s and 70s rock/funk music as incidental. It almost makes sense. Recess: All Growed Down & Recess: Taking the Fifth: Less inspiring. One is essentially a complimation of segments from the show with wrap-arounds and one original, the other is unreleased segments from a partially produced season that they decided to recoup the cost on by releasing as a feature. The Avengers: It's been a few years and I've put it off because it was on a few Movie Night polls for my friends. Just decided to say fuck it and watch the film. I enjoyed it well enough. The Whedon Dialogue is still very obvious and sometimes meh but it has a few good actions scenes that make up for it. "Hulk? Smash!" will always be a good quip. Films: 77 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  23. Kinda reminds me of this one trailer for Monsters Inc.
  24. The Terminator franchise is filled with bad time paradoxes and various other quibbles. I'm sure there's a podcast episode just trying to straighten out all the different timelines that someone can do. What we're likely dealing with, rather than a Stable Time Loop with some Predestination Paradox thrown in, is Divergent Timelines. This means, every time Skynet did something, it just led to a new Timeline rather than supplanting the previous Timeline. Off the top of my head: Timeline A: Presumably, John Connor is born (his father is whoever), Judgement Day occurs, and leads The Resistance to defeat Skynet. Skynet sends a bunch of Terminators back, John sends Kyle Reese and a reprogrammed Terminator. Everyone is happy. Timeline B: Sarah Connor is radicalized when she's chased all over LA by a Terminator sent to the past by Skynet. She meets up with and hooks up with Kyle Reese. She becomes pregnant with John and defeat the Terminator. It's parts lead to the creation of what will become Skynet. John goes into foster care, Sarah goes to prison, two more Terminators pop up, what will become Skynet doesn't happen. John might become a Senator. Who knows? Timeline C : Same as Timeline B but Skynet is still developed by the military. Sarah Connor dies of cancer. Skynet achieves sentience after a Terminator pops up and gives it a phone call. The Bad Terminator starts killing future resistance leaders. Judgement Day occurs, John kinda futzes into becoming leader of the Resistance. He presumably becomes Christian Bale and will eventually defeat Skynet, ensuring a whole host of more paradoxes. Timeline D : Sarah doesn't die of Breast Cancer due to future drugs and is, along with John, rescued by a Terminator that looks like River Tam and then taken forward in time. Both Skynet and The Resistance sent a fuckton of Terminators and Agents back in time in a bid to craft an ideal future for themselves. Eventually, John is taken into a future where he doesn't lead the Resistance but it's also a combo of Humans and Robots fighting Skynet and this would presumably have been solved but Fox canceled the show. Also, Sarah is now Lena Headly and a bad ass. Timeline E: Sarah's parents are murdered by a T-1000 when she's a kid and is raised by a T-800. Kyle Reese is still sent back but Sarah, now played by Emilia Clarke, and her Terminator Daddy have already dealt with the problem. John was ganked by Matt Smith who is also Skynet and he is turned into a Terminator who then gets sent to the past to develop an OS that will become Skynet. Kyle, Termidaddy, and Sarah go into the future to 2017, stop a successful product launch, kill John, and then tell young Kyle about Skynet to ensure the timeloop still occurs but Skynet still probably exists but there is no sequel to follow up on the mid credits sequence so meh. No word if Sarah is going to get cancer or not. Timeline F: One of the random Terminators that Skynet sent to the past kills John back in 1998 or so. It's then voop voops out of there to start a family or something. Sarah goes a little mental, killing all the Terminators Skynet sent back after that point. Presumably, these are all from Timeline A's mess because a different AI sent a Not-Terminator to the past to kill a woman in Mexico City. Things explode, Timeline F might or might not still end up getting blown up by an AI.