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  1. The way I see it, prices are set by the seller. They set whatever they think they can get for a certain item. It is their responsibility in the same way that it would be my responsibility to pay for something that has a price higher than I'm willing to pay. The only other reason I would offer to pay a higher price is if it is for charity and that's only if I had cash to spare (which I rarely do).
  2. Exactly! Which is why UFF is so right. Ellis was on the right track with exporing more scifi aspects. Screw Exiles! FF should be exploring the multiverse. I would pitch FF leaving Earth almost entirely. Alternate dimensions, intergalactic revolutionary wars, Galactus, Skrulls! That's what the FF is. Remember when the Baxter Building was a place they dropped by once in a while? Now they never seem to leave.
  3. Well done sir! I haven't read FF since Acts of Vengeance and I don't plan on starting it up. To me it's one of those titles that has just stagnated since its inception. To me, FF is the Lee/Kirby stuff and that's it. FF can also be the UFF series which I feel is being done infinitely better than the FF has in decades. Plus, I have never like a JMS book. The Dr. Strange thing is something I'm staying away from because of money but I'll throw down for the trade when it's released. I love the character and am currently formulating a pitch in which he is a supporting character.
  4. Wild Cards is one of the greatest portrayals of the Joker I've seen period. The fact that he is in charg of the Royal Flush Gang is so obviously brilliant how come I never thought of it? If I ever write Batman, and I sure hope I do, I am going to steal that idea.
  5. Yeah, it was somewhat intentional. At some point I'll dive into Nosferatu and it's effect on the modern vampire film. I'll definitely do a sleep-deprived essay on Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Metropolis will be coverd in my first SciFi column (not sure when that'll come around), M will certainly have it's own column as I have a huge attachment to that. I wanted to scratch the surface and dreg up som interest in these movies at least superficially. People! Go anmd download these. All except M are free of copyright (I think). Public domain movies kick all kinds of bum. Thanks for the critique. I welcome it from you and anybody else for that matter. November gets much more specific.
  6. Thanks, yeah I saw the same. You have to love the guys selling 1 cent comics and charging 8.95 shipping when it's only costing 2 bucks... :grumble: Thanks anyway.
  7. -Dies Irae (used in Friday the 13th among others) -Manfredini's Friday the 13th Theme -Candyman -Philip Glass and the Kronos Quartet performing Dracula (1931) -Duleing Banjos (from Delivrance) -Jerry Goldsmith's Poltergeist theme -"Tall Man on Main Street" from Phantasm -Night on Bald Mountain -Danse Macabre -"O Fortuna" from Orff's opera Carmina Burana -Funeral March of the Marionettes (Hitchcock's theme) -Theme to Twilight Zone -March of the Gallows -In the Hall of the Mountain King -Theme from "Night of the Hunter" -The lullaby from Rosemary's Baby (chills typing this one out...) That's all I can think of for now. Maybe make the Pscho Suite one choice to give some others a chance, just an idea. I will be doing intermittent articles on theme music in Reel Dread. Maybe the first one will coincide with this tournament.
  8. It's a long shot but I don't suppose anyone's looking to unload their copies of Cosmic Odyssey 3 and 4 are they?
  9. Can't read the review as I'm not that caught up on DD but I have to say that it's been the most consistent book of the past 8-odd years. Especially lately. Who would have thought that Bendis and Maleev (arguably creating the best hero book currently being published) would leave and hand off the book to a creative team that made it wayyy better?!!!
  10. I'll echo that sentiment. But Ellis is one of my all-time favourite writers and him doing a villains book is all I need to hear. Jesus! How many Ellis books will I be buying next year? -newuniversal -nextwave -any and all upcoming Avatar projects -any other crazy hero stuff he pulls out.
  11. There's a Frankenstein one too! Not really a Marvel adaption but still.
  12. By George I think I've finally found it!!! It's the Marvel anime adaptation of Tomb of Dracula directed by Akinori Nagaoka and Minoru Okazaki!!! Anyone finds me a copy of this gets mucho points in my book, a monetary finder's fee (no too much) and a ball of praise in the Reel Dread column.
  13. While Supes' rogues gallery is littered with intense and powerful interplantary despots and unstoppable killing machines, none of them pose the challenge Luthor does. Luthor is the intellectual antagonist Superman needs on every level. Superman is an alien immigrant who uses his power to help those in need (the idealist) and Luthor is the self-made man whose ruthlessness knows no bounds (the realist). Besides, Lex Luthor's name permeates western culture as the nemesis as much as the devil does. Ever hear someone say "He's like my Lex Luthor"? Me too. Ever hear someone say "He's like my Brainiac"? Me neither.
  14. Dread

    Civil War *SPOILERS!*

    So then every mutant that has a power should be registered, even if thier power isn't dangerous. Like someone like Beak(the chicken-like human) who dosen't have any dangerous powers? My question is though, knives can be used to kill people and you don't have to register them. I think the point is that guns are created for the sole purpose of killing. You can't butter your toast with a shotgun. But man, would I love to try! Beak shouldn't be registered, he should be put out of his misery;)
  15. Thanks Mr. Sims, and thanks for the uber sweet banner. I stole it and posted it in my blog to advertise for the article. Hope you on't mind. I did ask folks over there to come and join the forums too.
  16. Hello all. I hope I'm not stepping on any toes but I did mention that I wanted some feedback on this weekly column. Feel free to tell me what you think, argue with me, or suggest topics for future articles. Thanks, Des
  17. Rock on! Way to go Yoda! More writing to add to the list #4 is almost done by the way.
  18. Nick Fury is waiting to make his move. God forbid his face be seen before he's ready for that to happen. The eye thing: he's had it repaired or had himself cloned. Perhaps it's a life model replica. I just see Fury as an underground kind of superspy. I have a feeling he'll be assembling an army of hjis own and kicking all kinds of ass when he returns. Both Cap and Iron Man deserve a good whupping if you ask me.
  19. Dread

    Civil War *SPOILERS!*

    I applaud this and Vaughn's future C&D series (because you know he'll write it). It's just that Dagger, despite all of the stuff they have seen, would be more likely to stand slack-jawed in awe. Her meeting with the Beyonder in the 80s was more along those lines and according to her Thor is on that level. Still: anti-climactic. The preview panels they released were in no way done justice. But is it enough to say that when characters are so out of character to the point of being ridiculous being the fundamental drive to the plot? Mind control is the only way out of what they've done to Reed and that's just cheap and stupid. Who is that directly behind Bullseye?
  20. Dread

    Civil War *SPOILERS!*

    Wow....what a huge letdown this issue was. Totally inconsistent with the rest of the MU. I've said before: Dagger does not know Thor. Nor is she the type of character who would feel comfortable speaking like that to someone of such prestige let alone a god/most powerful being on earth. Goliath? Kill the guy who was created because they needed another minority in the MU? Wow, he had expendable written all over him since his inception. The woman whose son dies is now on Tony's side? She railed at him at the funeral and now all of a sudden, what I assume to be no more than about a week later, she is cheering him on? Whether or not she believes what he is doing is right it does not fit. The Thor thing? I like the idea of cloning a god but despite all my railing against this I would have preferred the original Thor to be such a douchebag. Captain America is losing his lustre to me and Tony Stark has not been redeemed. Maybe the greying of all areas is a ploy but if it is, it's a vague ploy. I'm beginning to lose steam on this storyline. It seems to be nothing more than a series of good story moments without the overall story to tie it all together. I've thought this all along but was hoping that by the 4th issue there would be some hope. This is not what Marvel said it would be: a self-contained story with the MU revolving around it. There were things sprinkled throughout that required further explanation: Cable leaving Cap's team, the prison is the 42 project, Reed employing psychopaths? WTF?! That is the worst of all. These people are your friends, you are going to send Bullseye, Taskmaster and fucking Venom after them??? These are the most dangerous men in the MU and would love a crack at killing any hero. Did Iron Man ok Mandarin's release? It doesn't make sense. I am in for the ride but my expectations have been lowered by this issue.
  21. So damn awesome! I am psyched. There is not one storyline that doesn't intrigue me in some way and knowing they will all collide very soon is enticing.
  22. Hero into a villain sounds awesome. Is it a ground up Ultimatizing or a story idea to turn an in continuity hero into a villain?