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  1. Pan's Labyrinth is one of my most anticipated films of the year. It looks a lot like Nightbreed as far as creature effects and that's a good thing. You better believe there's going to be a special Reel Dread for this one! Maybe a del Toro director spotlight is in order.
  2. If I had the money to front you I'd be going myself! Dang. I'll have to wait for a month and a half for DC and Marvel to put up their subpar recordings of the panel. You'd think corporations like that would have people employed to do that sort of thing in this day and age. You know, people to competently record panels and podcast them in time to make the announcements as opposed to listening to Dan DiDio make announcements about stuff that has already been published. This may be your way in, Mike!
  3. Dread

    Layla Miller

    Seems to me it just went back to a status quo that was present 20 years ago. Morrison evolved the X-Universe to its next logical step in a brilliant way (except for the last arc, what the hell was that?) and Marvel shat all over it within a year.
  4. Dread

    Layla Miller

    Am I the only one who thought House of M was stupid?
  5. Team Achilles stood alongside Authority pretty well and I thought it was one of the best comics being published at the time. There's also one being published next month (I think?)
  6. I don't think they've ever really said. They hug a lot but I chalk that up to her being all emotional and himk being addicted to her power.
  7. I think that Leonardi's run on both Daredevil and Cloak and Dagger established him as one of the all-time greats. I have a 4 issue Cloak & Dagger story written and ready to go. I love the addiction aspect of the duo. It's throughout their origin and entrenched in their relationship.
  8. Stormwatch or Wetworks title for Wildstorm? I could give or take Wetworks but it might help meet the quota. Superman/Batman? Swamp Thing? Just some thoughts...I LOVE the idea that you're including Suicide Squad.
  9. Thanks Mike! That's what it is meant to do. If anybody else feels like weighing in with their favourite Halloween pranks or memories please do. D
  10. Totally understandable. I'm currently on the hunt for titles to drop. I've got a few on the chopping block right now.
  11. Peter Jackson? How many DVD versions of Halo do we need?
  12. S and W both show up at a warehouse where mutant terrorists are holding a young girl (possibly a mutant or senator's daughter, I can't remember) and they have the coolest fucking fight in comics history. Larsen is awesome. It was violent and funny and he introduced a few of them into his Amazing Spider-man run. Whiplash was the name of one of them and there was a yellow-skinned (a la Zombie) feral girl too. Boobs galore. I anxiously await your announcement. It would be a great way to showcase new talent...ahem. Are you reading this Mr. Quesada?
  13. You want the truth? That was the first comic I thought of when I conceived this project. You're my hero. When I was 12 it could have been the only comic I ever needed to buy. That Wolverine/Spidey Erik Larsen story makes me tingle all over.
  14. Very cool. I too love What If? and it's the only comic I ever subscribed to back in the day. Suggestion: What about Marvel Comics Presents?
  15. I see everywhere pros call Ennis the best writer in the business. Besides Preacher and War Story, I see no evidence of this whatsoever. It's ultraviolent mediocrity everywhere else. Punisher was good but the formula isn't even being hidden with innovation anymore. It has become "look at the evil bastard Punisher is going to kill his way to over these 6 over-priced issues. I'm dropping it when the current run is done. Gen-13 has always been kind of vapid to me. Bobby has always been a lifeless robot. The characters: 2D. IO: big bad corporation. Parents: murdered. I certainly hope the dialogue isn't being written like it was a dozen years ago... I'm liking this column, Mike.
  16. 100% agreed. Love the idea of the Invaders. I thought more of placing importance on the soldiers and Bucky. Cap's always the star. I'm out of X-touch. Nathaniel Essex? Anything with the Hellfire Club and Apocalypse as regular villains would have my $2.99. Yeah...I really only said MAX because of the horror aspect. It could be a MU book. I love Darkhold and its implications. My dream project.
  17. Yeah, I got this in Bad Signal email this morning. Immonen is the only artist I want to see on this book so I'm happy with the cancellation rather than sub-par continuation.
  18. Loved it. Why didn't you get the job? Because it makes too much sense, that's why. I agreed with just about damn near everything you put down (especially the MK line part, that's a burst of brilliance). You did miss a few things. Consider these my pitches Mr. Editor: For Marvel Knights- Desmond Reddick and Michael Lark on The Invaders Monthly It's 1938 and the world is on the brink of war. The Invaders, already active throughout eastern Europe and Africa, are doing their best to fight fascism when the war breaks out. Them and their elite crew of Green Berets, Blackwatch and Canadian Special Forces soldiers are in the midst of things when the world erupts into war. They're in over their heads until Captain America and Bucky join the fight. See the beginnings of this team and follow them in real time through 1945. See it through the eyes of their fellow soldiers. Who will live and who will die? The world will at least be a better place. For MAX- Desmond Reddick and ? on Defenders: Darkhold 12 issue limited Dr. Strange used to hold the ancient Atlantean spell book Darkhold hidden away in the recesses of his Sanctum Sanctorum. Now it's gone. The vampires it created millenia ago are now back; re-animated, angry and more powerful than ever. Watch as evil unfoils over the entire universe. Dr. Strange must strike up an uneasy alliance with former teammates Namor, Hulk, Nighthawk, Hellcat, Valkyrie, Moondragon and Son of Satan to battle the evil. But, a portal opening in space and Marvel's demons issuing forth, Silver Surfer battles to keep them back. Why do they want the Darkhold? and what will Dracula do with it?
  19. Cheers Yoda! you are not alone. There is a guerilla movement to get this film on DVD. There is no reason that Goonies, Lost Boys and Silver Bullet are on DVD and this gem isn't.
  20. If you're like me and need this on DVD write to: Mr. Sumner M. Redstone Viacom 1515 Broadway New York, NY 10036 and tell him "We want The Monster Squad on DVD now!" Put it on a postcard even people!
  21. Dread

    Ultimate Cable

    I don't know...sounds better to me than another Nathan Summers thing.
  22. Picked up both copies from Comicsnow.com for $8 after shipping.