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  1. The caretaker at my new school owns the Whomobile.
  2. That, and rakish young gentlemen who aren't quite what they seem.
  3. In all my years of knowing the Internet Fairy I have never once received any acknowledgement of our acquaintance. I wonder if UK ISPs don't give as much of a shit or I'm going to be hit with a huge 'cease and desist' one day. That being said I am enjoying this season so far.
  4. An episode with Dave Probert in it deserves better than this...
  5. "Highly Derivative" Name me one item of list-based content on the internet!
  6. I think that's fair. Melfina is fairly nothing and Gene doesn't really develop at all apart from "I probably shouldn't sleep around if I fancy Melfina" but Hilda's flash-in-the-pan appearance didn't endear me too much to her. I liked her character and the legend she was said to have behind her but I didn't miss her once she was gone. I've mentioned that Fred Lowe on a LAS and I loved Aisha and her batshit insanity. The sassy ship is cool too. Man I need to watch it again!
  7. I'm gonna have to disagree with you for maybe about 5 minutes of those blue ball times. Bill's awakening and exploring of the hospital was straight up terrifying and set up the feeling of terror very well. The rest of it was fine but quite prolonged. Also happy to see that with John Simm's return so to has an RTD style amazing cliffhanger!
  8. No points for a Chris Benoit cake??
  9. Happy birthday Kellen!
  10. Thanks all! One year to go until I'm mocked for being old.
  11. Pan-dub

    RIP Chris Cornell

    I found this out mid-lesson and gave a very audible gasp which put the children off their maths tests. RIP to one hell of a front man
  12. The possibility of being in the back pocket of the al Ghul's? Mistrust?
  13. But you forget: he has the power of Scientology behind him. Thetans make you age, right?