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  1. I voted TMNT the greatest Saturday morning cartoon of the 80's over at the 'Tory a few weeks back, so it's definitely old for me. When it comes to Saturday morning cartoons, the 80's own you.
  2. Age of Empires 2. It would most likely be Rise of Nations, but my comp is so freakin' inconsistent with playing it that I can't play it at all 80% of the time. Microsoft just runs circles around me whenever I seek tech support for it too. Rollercoaster Tycoon is very underappreciated by most hardcore gamers. Deceptively simple, the graphics only add to its charm, and it's more addictive than heroin.
  3. You know what? I like advertising in video games. It really added a lot to Crazy Taxi when somebody asked you take them to The Gap, or Burger King, or Pizza Hut, etc. How cool would it be in a GTA game to see billboards and flyers for actual products? A sports game with the signboards that are actually present in real life? Hell, there already is a shitload (other than the aforementioned Crazy Taxi). ABCSports and ESPN have a ton of advertising in the Madden and ESPN 2k series. It would be nice if it reduced to price of games, but let's be realistic. People have already shown a willingness to pay a $49.95 starting price for new games, so that's most likely what it will stay at.
  4. Heart says Indy, head says Croft. Ehh, as Fat DJ said these are based on "FANBOY POWER!!!!!111!!" anyway. Indy.
  5. Game Boy (original, it's really more of "Game Man" now) SNES Dreamcast (broken right now, but they're only 20 bucks) I need something new to play, but my PC's going to need some work soon. Le sigh. I also had an NES but sold it at a yard sale long ago. No, I don't regret it. The only game I ever played in its final days was Spy Hunter (and I probably didn't play it once in the 6 months leading up the sale), and my mom had long gotten over her Dr. Mario addiction, so it was just collecting dust.
  6. What the hell is up with that box?
  7. Yeah, but it's like Leno said last night, nobody would have seen it anyway because it was in Catwoman!
  8. Trailer is on the web. Go here, watch the trailer. It shows Batman as a child (the falling in the hole, and his parents' murder), and him seeking his training, then shows him in costume.
  9. I know, but Reed and Ben went to school together, so they shouldn't be more than a couple of years apart. But like I said earlier, it's not so much an issue with Grimm as he won't likely be human for very long.
  10. I would love to see Julia play Emma Frost, but that's slightly off topic. On topic. I like this cast (at least, they look right, and Chiklis is an ok actor from what I've seen), though I feel Chiklis is too old. Only a minor complaint though, since he most likely won't be spending a large portion of the movie in his human form.