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Hey I'm shilling for the comic series The Walking Dead here. No, not the OLD Walking Dead series, the NEW one. I recently returned to comics after years of shunning them because of WWE-esque storylines and explanations (Magneto avoids being burned alive by deflecting heat along Earth's magnetic lines?? YEAH RIGHT... :lol: ) I was drawn back in by these lesser comic publishers like Image and Dreamwave who seem to care about their work far more than the "big box" publishers. Anyway, The Walking Dead is an amazing comic that's more about the people still living than the walking zombies that they encounter. I was surprised by the amount of emotion and feeling Kirkman and Moore have put into this thing. Anyone else out there reading and enjoying this series?

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I've not read it yet, but it sounds intriguing. Who's the publisher? Fancy giving us more information?

sure. It's published by Image and is approaching the fifth issue with a TPB coming out shortly of the first four or five (They're trying to get new readers on board since they're largely word-of-mouth advertisers). The comic is published monthly and is (interestingly enough) all black and white with the exception of the covers. Don't worry-the quality is such that the B&W doesn't detact from it at all.

The story basically starts out a la 28 days later (although the people working on it swear it was done long before the movie came out) With a cop who gets hurt and wakes up a month or so later. While he was in a coma a strange disease sweeps across the nation and he wakes up in a real-life Resident Evil world. The comic follows him as he attempts to find his family and slowly comes to the realization that there's not going to be any "return to normal" and he's got to learn to live in this messed-up world of walking zombies. Notice I didn't say survive-the comic keeps the "blast the zombie" content low and the writers keep mentioning that that particualr trend will continue. As I stated before, it's more about how people learn to live in a world sans civilization than a story about evil zombies.

Issues of The Walking Dead are routinely listed on Ebay and the TPB is coming out soon..either way I'd recommend getting in on this comic!


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I read the collected first year the other day and liked it, but didn't love it. I understand that it's more about characterisation than mythology, but for me there wasn't enough explanation for what the hell had actually happened. Like, where the zombies actually came from. The concept of an open-ended zombie film is pretty awesome, though, and I expect that more will be revealed as the series continues. The art's pretty great too.

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really i only read the first trade, and i am really looking forward to buying the more when i get the money. I really like how it pulls you in really quickly, and the first time i read it i couldn't put it down until i finished.

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