Episode 40: The Graduate


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Shana and Mike agree: The Graduate is a hugely influential black comedy, but it spirals out of control after a certain point. Listen as they fix this problem with their remakes, then they address lots of feedback, including a song by Ian Wilson. [ 1:29:25 || 43.3 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/forbetterorworse/episodes/forbetterorworse_040.mp3

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Dude, I know you're young but it's important that you realize now that people are going to have separate opinions from you. You shouldn't get that worked up over something as small as a movie. If anything, save it for racist dumbasses who get scream vast left wing conspiracy over a biracial couple in a Cheerio's commercial.

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Different opinions create discussion. This happens to be a movie I care a lot about. I have absolutely no problem with Mike and Shana disliking certain elements of this film or any film for that matter. I would merely like to give my thoughts on the film and maybe argue against a few of their complaints I disagree with. Why on earth would you simply criticize the fact that I have a difference of opinion, without knowing any of my specific points? I'm passionate about this film, they had problems with it that I disagree with, that's all man, no major controversy.

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