Episode 05: Reese Witherspoon


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Ian and Pandy return to shine the spotlight on Reese Witherspoon and her amazing chin. From the early stand-out role of Tracy Flick in Election to her Oscar-winning turn as June Carter Cash in Walk the Line, not to mention taking in the forum's choice of Legally Blonde, the Brothers Wilson deliver their longest episode yet. Fellow podcaster Desmond Reddick is serenaded by Pandy, whilst Ian reads from the Tranquil Tirades Wiki in profiling one of Witherspoon's co-stars. And the most puerile count ever is unleashed as Pandy mercilessly mocks the true name of a separate co-star. [ 2:33:47 || 65.0 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/heyanactor/episodes/heyanactor_005.mp3

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Having now seen Legally Blonde, I'll say this about the woman who's exercising in the middle of the room (RE: shot) for seemingly no reason at all: I would suggest she's the prime example of a woman the director (or a producer) was fucking (or was trying to fuck). If you ever see a woman (usually a leggy blonde) who runs into frame or is featured in a shot for longer than one would normally focus on an extra, that's what's going on. "I'm a director, baby. I'll make you a star!"

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